More Words Of Wisdom From Tony Horton

Three additional tips we couldn’t fit in our January Q&A with the fitness pioneer

Photograph by Gregg Segal

Editor-at-large Amy Wallace provided a candid glimpse of her quest to lose ten pounds in the month before her 50th birthday in our January fitness package. Along with Wallace’s essay, a Q&A we ran with P90X workout mastermind Tony Horton, who cranked out some kernels of inspiration, flooded us with testimonials. So we present some additional words of wisdom from the Mighty Abbed One:

Personal Best
“We have an expression: Do your best and forget the rest. That’s it in a nutshell. That’s all I want you to do. Your best is different than the guy next to you. So what? If you’re in the room, you’re golden.”

It’s Relative
“A mother of five who’s 45 and an elite marathon runner have different priorities. Marathoners want to run as fast as they can for 26-plus miles without getting hurt. A mother of five just wants to have energy to go to work every day. One size doesn’t fit all.”

Move It
“If I train today, my immune system improves, my flexibility improves, my strength improves. When you move, you’re a better dad, you’re a better mom. When you don’t exercise, you’re hoping that your pharmacist and doctor come up with a formula to get your act together.