Hot Bods for Less

Coupons can help you enjoy high-end classes at low-end prices. Here’s a cheat sheet

1) Max Out
Sign up for multiple discount sites, such as Groupon, Bloomspot, PopSugar, Gilt, Living Social, kgbdeals, Yahoo Deals, and Amazon Deals & Bargains. Many gyms use them sequentially.


2) Pay Attention
Keep track of expiration dates and read the fine print; that cross-training Groupon might be good for only morning boot camp.


3) Play Fair
Deals are often for new customers only. If you’re thinking of fibbing, don’t. Many gyms are owner-operated businesses just trying to get by. Mirrors don’t lie, and you shouldn’t, either.


 4) Stay Close
Don’t be tempted by a great deal that’s far away. What you gained with the coupon you’ll lose in gas money.


5) Keep in Touch
If you like a studio, get on the mailing list to be eligible for future deals.


6) Be Prepared
Keep these in the trunk of your car: granola bar, bottle of water, flip-flops, sneakers, peds, sticky socks (some posh Pilates and barre studios require them), yoga mat, towel, hair tie, Ziploc bag for jewelry, change for parking.

Photograph courtesy Shutterstock (all except groupon)


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