Boonville, CA


The old logging town of Boonville anchors the 16-mile-long Anderson Valley, located about two hours north of San Francisco. It has a heritage strong in apples, hops, and lumber plus its own folk language, Boontling, which sprouted in the fields in the late 1800s. Beer still does a brisk business here; every May the Anderson Valley Brewing Company hosts the quirky Boonville Beer Festival. The rest of the year, stop in at the brewery to sample favorites like Boont Amber Ale and Brother David’s Double Abbey Style Ale. In recent years the valley has also become renowned for its pinot noir, and Navarro Vineyards is one of the best wineries to taste that earthy, plummy terroir. The place to sleep is the saloon-style Boonville Hotel—which has bright, skylit rooms (ask for one with AC), some with private balconies—and table 128, a prix fixe restaurant that serves a breakfast of sugar-crusted scones alongside the hotel’s fantastic Apple Farm preserves.


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