In these times of pandemic insecurity, with mask-on/mask-off confusion and potential new viral variants lurking behind every cough and sneeze, choosing the right doctor matters more than ever. Uncle Cletus, the one with two priors, may swear by his proctologist, but is that really the best way to probe? You can try your luck via social-media crowdsourcing and gamble with your health. Or you can take the word of doctors who’ve nominated their peers. That’s what Los Angeles did—or rather, we relied on Professional Research Services, a company that surveyed practicing physicians throughout Los Angeles County for their recommendations. Nominees were then vetted through the California Medical Board to ensure they’re licensed and in good standing. Names were also run by the Department of Consumer A airs for complaints. Those with a clean bill of health made our annual Top Doctors list. Sorry, Uncle Cletus, your doc did not make the cut.


Top Docs

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