September 2015


From the Editor

Among the many embarrassing relics I’ve saved from my wonder years, two highlight signs of early TV addiction. The first is a cassette I labeled THEMES—TELEVISION. On it I captured the opening-credit songs for such shows as Charles in Charge and The Golden Girls, with the sound quality one would expect when you crank up the volume on a cheap console and hit RECORD on a cheaper tape recorderRead


The L.A. Woman
Edited by Shayna Rose Arnold
From A-listers to activists, our annual list of ten leaders who make L.A. a better place

Art House
By Marielle Wakim
With the long-awaited opening of the Broad museum, Grand Avenue is getting an artistic overhaul

The Iceman
By Louise Farr
L.A. prosecutor John Lewin built a killer record thawing out cold cases. Now Robert Durst is on the docket

Tailgate Nation
By Amy Wallace
A gumbo recipe and how to prep the night before: some tips on dining from the back of your car

Enchanted Forest
By Lesley Bargar Suter
The restored Clifton’s Brookdale cafeteria may not realize the full vision of its founder, but it could save Broadway


The impact of home-sharing sites like Airbnb on L.A.’s skyrocketing rental market; imagining civic leaders as emojis; the five signs of autumn in L.A.

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols on busting a move at karaoke bars without getting busted

L.A. Story
Joshua Malina reveals his scandalous past as a high-stakes home buyer

How L.A. Works
The sticky business of fixing the city’s potholes


Fall Fashion
From tapestry handbags to feather jewelry, boho is back. We look at some of the L.A. women who first defined bohemian chic

Lady of the Canyon
Actress Teresa Palmer models our wish list wardrobe at a Laurel Canyon retreat

L.A. Home
Today’s garden furniture offers comfy habitats


Small Bites
Drive-thru window culture comes of age; Malibu Farm casts its cozy spell; Joel Stein doesn’t do delivery PLUS: The Arthur J puts its stamp on Manhattan Beach, and new restaurants Maré, Sambar, and E.P & L.P.

The Kuh Review
At Birch, Brendan Collins turns over a new leaf, defying genres. Patric Kuh is impressed


Culture Files
The Valley Performing Arts Center finds its groove; ferreting out Whitey Bulger’s L.A. haunts; Drunk History creator Derek Waters gets the third degree; making a case for silent discos PLUS: The Visit ’s Kathryn Hahn on working out in Silver Lake

Charting the urbanist dreamscape of Chicago, where new attractions and new digs make an old favorite even more appealing

The Guide
30 things to do in September, from sipping Alex’s Lemonade to tasting Pasadena


Open City
By Susan Baskin
When getting to know the neighbors stops at the garden gate

By Tom Carson
The drama! The scale! The cheesiness! Remembering the grand but forgotten ’80s miniseries The Winds of War

By David Kipen
A new biography on Joan Didion takes the writer’s prose apart to see how it works