September 2013


From the Editor

Two years ago I sat on an airplane and pondered the L.A. Woman. For the first time we were devoting an issue of the magazine to the subject. Maria Shriver would be on the cover, and I had a pile of story ideas from the staff to consider. I took out the grid paper I always use when planning a lineup and sketched an essay here, a photo portfolio there. One idea that didn’t make the cut was my own: to profile the women who keep me well … Read



Power Hitters

By Shayna Rose Arnold
Ten women who get up every day and set about making L.A. a better place

WEB EXTRA: A September Issue Preview

Let’s Do Brunch
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter
No city embraces leisurely daytime dining quite like L.A. Celebrate our favorite weekend respites, where the hollandaise and syrup flow as freely as the champagne.

The Life of A. Scott Berg
By David Kipen
The story behind one of the great biographers of our time

WEB EXTRA: A Q&A with David Kipen about “The Life of Scott Berg”

Beach Beauties
By Ann Herold
Two homes—one modern and one classical—with different takes on ocean living

Good to the Last Drop
By Wade Graham

Searching for solutions to L.A.’s water problems



What’s up with the city skyline; a musical sequel by Justin Timberlake; some biting filmic food moments; hot tips from L.A.’s fire chief; and kudos for emcee extraordinaire Neil Patrick Harris  

L.A. Archetype
A florist who keeps celebrities blooming

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols scrimmages with L.A.’s last pro football franchise

L.A. Story
Anna Faris on trading black for pink and laughing in Hollywood

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash

How L.A. Works
Swimming smart among the riptides



In Store
Accessories climb the rock charts; makeup falls for Los Angeles

Au Courant
The new face of men’s watches evokes a few heroes of the silver screen

Shoemaker George Esquivel started in an O.C. garage. Now the Tommy Hilfiger collaborator is a marquee name

Fall Fashion
James Wolk (Mad Men) and Amanda Setton (The Mindy Project) go on the lam dressed in fall’s most luxurious looks

WEB EXTRA: Behind-the-scenes of our Fall Fashion special



Small Bites
Kids are the harshest critics when you’re one of L.A.’s newest chefs-cum-parents; Italy’s volcanic wine is heating up; all hail the cookies at Stella Barra; why Anne Willan smelled like truffles. Plus: A refreshing Salt Air blows in on Abbot Kinney, and new restaurants Petty Cash Taqueria, Connie and Ted’s, and Taberna Arròs y Vi.

The Dine Review
The singular pleasure of eating at Ludo Lefebvre’s Trois Mec



Culture Files
The West grows wilder with a new gallery at the Autry; an artist trades in her pens for a tattoo needle; filmgoers get the bigger picture at the Egyptian Theatre

Pinot envy in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley

The Guide
30 things to do in September, from analyzing the Santa Anas to walking Angelino Heights



Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
L.A.’s accustomed to privacy, so going public can come as a shock

Invisible L.A.
By Ben Ehrenreich
The first gay rights rally didn’t start at the Stonewall. It happened three years earlier in Silver Lake

By Steve Erickson
Homeland is addictive, but why is it so annoying?

By Joshua Tompkins
Doctors revive short waits and long visits