September 2011


From the Editor

Every time I hit the elevator button in my office building, I am relieved that I’m traveling only to the tenth floor. I work in that rare L.A. edifice—a skyscraper—and as much as I enjoy studying city grids from above, I suffer a bit from vertigo. To be honest, I also suffer from a certain fear that was born ten years ago this month… Read


Breakfast in L.A.
We celebrate 20 fine slingers of the day’s most important meal, every dish on Nate ’n Al’s a.m. menu, and the best coffee, doughnuts, pancakes, and shakshouka in town
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter

Sand and Stone
Otherworldly and irreverent, some of the most innovative architecture in California is popping up in the High Desert
By Sam Lubell

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson?
When the young woman was arrested for skipping out on her dinner tab in Malibu, her family had no idea they would never again see her alive. Her body was found a year after sheriff’s deputies set her free. Why they let her go is just one in a cluster of mysteries surrounding her death
By Mike Kessler

Enchanted Aisles
The selection is limited. The floors are cramped. Don’t even get us started on the parking. So how did Trader Joe’s become the envy of grocers around the country?
By Dave Gardetta

The Lady in the Lake
Actress Lake Bell slips into the 1940s-style nipped waists and strong shoulders that have emerged this season




Ask Chris
Chris Nichols pans for Cahuenga gold
By Chris Nichols


All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

Sitting in San Diego County’s Cuyamaca Mountains, Julian mixes small-town charisma and gorgeous scenery with awesome apple pie
By Ed Leibowitz

L.A. Story
Paula Abdul on Laker show time, the Jackson 5, and Valley girls

Ceramist Robert Siegel throws his pots into the haute-retail ring

Au Courant
He-men are going soft for girly dogs

Best of LA
Trail rides that pack horsepower




Open CityAddictions weren’t always the tabloid fodder they are today—they were well-kept family secrets. Then first lady Betty Ford bravely revealed her own
By Anne Taylor Fleming

Film & TV
ABC’s mockumentary-style Modern Family updates a sitcom staple with gay parents and mixed couples. But its greatest strength? The writing
By Steve Erickson

L.A. Fiction 
Araceli keeps her employers’ Orange County house spotless–if only their personal lives were as orderly. An excerpt from The Barbarian Nurseries by Héctor Tobar

Speak Easy
Between the McCourt divorce, the beating of a Giants fan, the bankruptcy, and the lousy stats, this year has been a doozy for the Dodgers. Manager Don Mattingly takes our questions
By Jim Rosenthal

Spoiler Web sites can kill the surprise by giving away TV plotlines. Producers are figuring out how to use them to their advantage
By Miriam Datskovsky  

The Royce is elegant through and through, from the renovated room to the calibrated cooking of chef David Féau
By Patric Kuh

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