October 2014

A sneak peek inside this month’s magazine


How L.A. Works
Edited by Nancy Miller
Ours is a massive metropolis, with an infrastructure we take for granted and a landscape we don’t really understand. (What’s a fault line exactly?) Here, our expert guide to seeing the city in a whole new light

A Mobster, a Murder, and a Moll with a Secret
By Amy Wallace
The murder of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel in 1947 is one of the nation’s coldest cold cases. But if one family is right, it could be heating up

On the House
By Randy Clemens
Decades before L.A.’s surge as a craft beer town, the Maltose Falcons took wing in Woodland Hills. The oldest home brew club in the United States has motivated an army of locals and several craft brewers. PLUS: Curious about making your own? A primer on what ales you

Saintly Escapes
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter
The dog days have fled, and the holidays approach. Rather than squeeze in a fall fling at the same old same old, shake up the itinerary. For inspiration, see what our writers found in another side of San Francisco, Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende, and a Texas town called San Antonio

( Buzz )

A documentary critiques how movies portray L.A.; state assembly candidate Prophet Walker on why he’s running; costumes that should go dark on Halloween. Plus: Who’s taking home the Palm restaurant’s famous painted portraits

L.A. Archetype
A model traces her steps down the runway

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols orders a Double-Double at an In-N-Out with a delicious history

L.A. Story
Lucinda Williams on leaving Texas and coming to the Valley’s defense

( Shop )

In Store
YouTube star Michelle Phan on the changing face of the beauty industry and her new book that’s out this month; our survey of the latest boutique openings

How to Dress in L.A.
Sharpen your pencil skirts! Denim goes back to the workplace

Luxe Life
Interior designer Susan Manrao’s wish list

Best of LA
The city’s top-drawer spots for socks

( Eat )

Small Bites
Cookbooks that spill the secrets of two celebrated L.A. bakers; Aussie cuisine comes north; the hunt for authentic poke leads to the South Bay. Plus: Ludo Lefebvre elevates simple bistro fare at Petit Trois, and new restaurants KazuNori, Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, and Akatora

The Dine Review
Patric Kuh on Alimento, where Zach Pollack uses his noodle to craft pan-Italian dishes

( Do )

Culture Files
Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied raises the dance barre in L.A.; the city’s new cultural affairs chief paints her big picture; a Bridesmaids dress joins other cinematic finery at the Academy’s Hollywood Costume exhibition

Street Smart
Vintage audio-tapes and other uncommon finds in Atwater Village

The Guide
30 things to do in October, from scary nights at Universal Studios to a public reading of Homer’s epic Odyssey

( Columns )

Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
Rediscovering L.A. via the Waze traffic app

By Andrew Lewellen
The Homegrown Player program offers talented teens a shot at the Galaxy

By Andrea Richards
Are fitness tracking devices a help or a hindrance?

By Steve Erickson
Set in a lurid L.A., Nightcrawler taps into a long line of movies about bottom-dwelling media