October 2013


From the Editor

At my first Dodgers game this year, on June 6, I watched rookie Yasiel Puig step up to the plate—bases loaded, bottom of the eighth—and plug a high fly into deep right. Puig was only four games into his major league debut and already on a hitting streak. If I could pinpoint the moment when things turned around for the team, I’d say that grand slam was it… Read



Hot in the City

By Nancy Miller

L.A. is a sexy place, but not always in the ways people think. A look at how Angelenos get it on today

WEB EXTRA: Seven Off the Radar Date Spots

The Old Man Next Door
By Steven Mikulan
How James “Whitey” Bulger, the deadly boss of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang, met his fate in Santa Monica

WEB EXTRA: Whitey Bulger’s Secret Santa Monica Hangouts

By Gregg Segal

The lights that illuminate nighttime movie shoots cast an eerie glimmer over L.A. neighborhoods. A photo-essay

The Life of Pie
By David Hochman

Learning to make Neapolitan pizza with Peppe Miele, L.A.’s master of the craft



Happy birthday to Disney Hall; the legacy of singer-songwriter Elliott Smith; Compton’s mayor; how to name your own marijuana dispensary

L.A. Archetype
An escapist on shedding chains that bind

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols solves the mystery of the Silver Lake rainbow

L.A. Story
Tony Goldwyn on being a member of that filmic family

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash

How L.A. Works
Exploring Mars with Curiosity



In Store
How to adapt four of autumn’s most popular runway looks in L.A. weather

Au Courant
Shoulders get a break this season as top-handle purses become the “It” bag once again

Style Stakeout
Come quittin’ time, Little Tokyo buzzes

Designer Irene Neuwirth on redefining “fine jewelry”

Prime Finds
Home accents get the Midas touch



Small Bites
Building community through sourdough at Red Bread bakery; fall’s most feastworthy L.A. cookbooks; Isaan Station’s Thai specialties are on fire PLUS: Evan Funke puts his noodle to good use at Culver City’s Bucato, and new restaurants Little Beast, Girasol, and Flores

Best of LA
Riding the third wave of high-end coffee

The Kuh Review
Chef Jeremy Fox is hot stuff at Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon

WEB EXTRA: Take a photo tour of Rustic Canyon



Halloween in L.A.
The best-decorated neighborhoods! The most terrifying haunted houses! Everything you ever wanted to know about our favorite holiday plus: Fifteen scary events, along with tips from Hollywood’s special-effects wizards

The Guide
30 things to do in October, from spying on spies to walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct with 100 mules Heights



Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
The real estate market has gone berserk, making buyers a little crazy, too

By Mark Lacter
L.A. has a rep as a tough place for companies to make a buck. Don’t buy into the hype

By Patrick Goldstein
Tourney impresario Dinos Trigonis holds court in elite boys’ basketball

By Benjamin Svetkey
After spending hours with a celeb like Jack Nicholson, a writer should know all. But the game isn’t played that way

By Claire Martin
Fixing those aches and pains with yoga therapy