October 2012


From the Editor

Not long ago, when plastic surgery would come up as a topic among my friends, it was solely as a source of derision: “Oh my, have you seen [35-year-old actress’s] lips lately? She’s gone full Joker.” “What’s wrong with [50-year-old athlete]? Suddenly his face is frozen in amber!” It was the freaky celebrity stuff that caught our eye (poolside, sharing the National Enquirer) and demanded immediate commentary. Then something happened: We got older…  Read


The New Face of Plastic Surgery
It’s an L.A. growth industry, and whether or not you partake, its influence shapes your world. Here’s what you need to know about current trends, old fears, and the ups and downs of toying with nature

WEB EXTRA: Faces of the Rich and Famous
WEB EXTRA: The Plastic Surgery Survery 

The Cop Whisperer
By Ed Leibowitz
Growing up in South L.A. was key training for David Ayer, the writer-director behind the LAPD saga End of Watch 

WEB EXTRA: The King of South Central: How End of Watch Keeps it Real

Game Changers
By Ann Herold
We asked ten women who make L.A. a better place to pick four women who inspire them. Meet 50 activists, entrepreneurs, and religious leaders

The Final Frontier
By Dan Winters
In 2011, as the space shuttle program drew to a close, Dan Winters photographed the last three launches, including that of the L.A.-born Endeavour

WEB EXTRA: Rocket Man, a Q&A with Dan Winters


Who’s listening to police scanners plus: The latest in sexy L.A. getups: Think Western Exterminators

L.A. Archetype
Weathercaster Jackie Johnson on reading the skies

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols makes tracks to the races

L.A. Story
Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Charlie Chaplin, Valley hybrids, and singing in the car

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash  


In Store
Tribal blankets accent boots, belts, and more this season; Katharine Hepburn loses her pants and Marlene Dietrich demands Dior in this fall’s crop of behind-the-scenes Hollywood fashion books

Ron Radziner, half of the Marmol Radziner architecture team, breaks new ground with a line of torched jewelry

Style Stakeout
We go gonzo in Pacific Palisades, where high-low dressing is as common-place as paparazzi

Best of LA
Need to work on your scare tactics? Check out the costume shops haunted by the pros


Small Bites
Sweeney Todd would be proud of the latest British invasion: savory meat pies; Joel Stein is all burgered out; a Baja lover’s guide to L.A.; Lou Amdur launches his wine column with a rare white; five homegrown sweets we love. Plus: They serve more than snacks at Superba Snack Bar, but all are indeed superb; new reviews of Bow & Truss, Trattoria Neapolis, and Alma 

The Dine Review
Patric Kuh heads to Santa Monica’s Mercado, where he chews on the meaning of “authentic”


Culture Files
Photographer Jill Greenberg turns her lens on horses; guitar great Kenny Burrell picks this month’s best jazz; literary impresario Todd Zuniga shares words to die for plus: You never know what’s on the bill at HM157

Afoot and afield in Monterey, with its stew of history, ocean views, and touristy fun

The Guide
30 things to do in October, from humming along with wild things to dodging the walking dead


By Steve Erickson
A longtime political junkie and former conservative on the tilted, tainted coverage of presidential politics         

Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
College football brightens a time of year that gets darker by the day. This season the sport arrives with its own shadows

By Amy Wallace
Local writer Jonah Lehrer’s implosion after getting busted for being too creative raises two questions: Why’d he do it? And why such elation over his ignominy?


PLUS: 5 Things We’re Not Supposed To Tell You About This Issue

16 costumes
Rejected ideas for Halloween getups based on L.A. jobs, including Sexy Musso & Frank Waiter, Sexy SoCal Edison Meter Reader, and Sexy Dodgers Peanut Vendor.

5 inches
Length of hair we asked Skip Sterling to add to his illustration of a woman winning Literary Death Match. In the first sketch she looked dowdy, so we requested more “Zooey Deschanel” (we know—sorry). Sterling delivered, sans Zooey’s bangs, saving us from ourselves.

10 agencies
Number of modeling firms photo editor Amy Feitelberg contacted in an attempt to find a cover model who wears a size 6 or 8. No such luck. Most models were size 0. We ended up splitting the difference with Tess Kartel, who comes in at a “curvy” size 4.

iPhone 4S
Device used to take an Instagram photo of the Entrance Band at HM157 for the Nightlife column. Senior editor Elina Shatkin planned on using her digital camera, but the battery ran out.

7:14 p.m. EST
Time on a Friday night that Slate published its story about the investigation of writer Jonah Lehrer’s plagiarizing problem. It was the same evening we were closing editor-at-large Amy Wallace’s story about Lehrer, causing a last-minute scramble to update the story—no plagiarism involved.