November 2015


From the Editor

On a Thursday in June, I called my husband and suggested a spontaneous night out at our local comedy club, the Ice House in Pasadena. I didn’t know who was on the bill, but I needed some mirth to counterbalance a long week. Luckily for us, former Saturday Night Live star Dana Carvey was headlining… Read


The Deputy Who Disappeared
By Claire Martin
In 1998, Jon Aujay went for a run and vanished without a trace, leaving those who knew him with little more than memories and theories about what might have occurred

The King of Comedy Lore
By RJ Smith
Kliph Nesteroff set out to be a comedian, but a funny thing happened: He found his calling writing about stand-ups instead, plumbing the darkness behind the humor

Ciao Time
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter  
Handmade pastas, bubbly pizzas, and towering subs—it’s a primo time to be an Italian food lover in L.A. Here’s where to get the good stuff

Inhabiting a Legacy
By Sam Lubell
L.A.’s architectural masters have left their mark on the city in more ways than one. For proof, look no further than their children


With L.A.’s homelessness at a crisis point, some local residents are experimenting with DIY solutions; a peek at bold plans for new park space; a former blacklisted actress recounts Hollywood’s anti-Communist hysteria; a near-extinct California amphibian returns to the Santa Monica Mountains

L.A. Archetype
A Metro paleontologist explains what she digs about her job

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols on how the bird of paradise took flight as the city’s official flower

L.A. Story
Brie Larson, the breakout star of the new film Room, talks DJ moonlighting, Hollywood Hills mansion partying, and hitting the dance floor with a certain sir

How L.A. Works
Tech-heavy trash cans will make our streets a lot cleaner—and smarter


Fall Eveningwear
Blinged-out headbands, ear climbers, open-front chokers: “Fine jewelry” is redefined

The Turning Point
Members of Los Angeles Ballet soar in breathtaking haute couture

L.A. Home
Textiles shift out of neutral and into vibrant


Small Bites
No doilies here—local companies and a chic Arts District café are changing the face of tea, and a poutine palace pours on the gravy in Hollywood PLUS: The Bellwether brings experimentation (and yummy food and drink) to Studio City, and new restaurants Dudley Market and Baroo


Culture Files
LACMA’s Rain Room moves the downpour indoors; the Industry’s experimental opera goes on the road; Vidiots celebrates 30 years PLUS: Geeks Who Drink host Zachary Levi talks Han Solo and his ultimate (fictional) trivia teammates

The rugged peaks of Banff, in Alberta, Canada, offer a quieter alternative to your typical ski town

The Guide
30 things to do in November, from a video game festival at UCLA to Beauty and the Beast at the Pantages


Urban Affairs
By Marc Haefele
With customer discontent a constant and climate change in the air, DWP head Marcie Edwards has some challenges to tackle

By Steve Erickson
Season two of FX’s Fargo rewinds to the ’70s for a series that’s more insane than anything else on television

Open City
By Stacey Woods
What to do when your twenties are a distant memory but your yearning to get down and boogie is stronger than ever