November 2012


From the Editor

If you’re looking for an art nouveau apartment on Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires, I can tell you approximately how many pesos it will set you back. If you’re curious about how much time is required to scrape down a guy slathered in oil at a men’s spa in Azerbaijan, I’ve got a clue about that, too…  Read


Food Lovers Guide
Brush up on your bon vivant vocabulary with our delicious encyclopedia of L.A. food-scene terms like M.F.P. (a canning degree), paiche (a Peruvian fish), and xanthan gum (for your kitchen chemistry set) Plus: How three top chefs serve the goods

WEB EXTRA: This Month’s Special

The Sculptor of Dreams
By RJ Smith
Being crucified on a VW used to be Chris Burden’s idea of public art. Now he’s behind L.A.’s most crowd-pleasing creations

WEB EXTRA: Chris Burden Videos

WEB EXTRA: Just The Right ‘Light’: Our Favorite Photos of Urban Light

Where the Sidewalk Ends
By Damon Casarez
Roadside shrines pop up all over town after traffic tragedies. In this photo gallery we pull over and pay tribute

WEB EXTRA: The Giving Tree

The Road Not Taken
By Suzanne Rico
Getting fired tends to make a person take stock. In the case of one woman, it also inspired her to pack up her family and see the world 

WEB EXTRA: A Q&A with Suzanne Rico


A freeway that’s no longer free. Plus: What we’ll wait in line for

L.A. Archetype
A veteran acting coach hits her mark

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols grows more neighborly

L.A. Story
Christopher Walken on Brando’s bongos, afternoon movies, and being pedestrian

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash  

How L.A. Works
Taking apart a cop chopper, piece by piece   


Made in L.A.

From flirty dresses to high-end denim, handcrafted purses to handmade shoes, find out who’s making what in this town and where to get it. Plus: Three local personalities model three local designers whose love affair with this city is no secret 

WEB EXTRA: Behind-the-scenes video from our Made in L.A. fashion shoot


Small Bites
It’s for the birds: why so many opt to leave Thanksgiving to the pros; celebrating dinner, midcentury style; bar-hopping for olive oil; Eric Greenspan plans a grilled cheese takeover; make your own kimchi (or try L.A.’s finest); a holiday punch to warm up the crowd plus: Casey Lane’s gastropub is hot and heavy, and new reviews of Osteria Drago, the Sycamore Kitchen, and Kitchen Table

The Dine Review
Patric Kuh tries to parse Ari Taymor’s cooking style at his restaurant, Alma


Culture Files
An odyssey with Stanley Kubrick; eight hours of Gatsby; on track with fast horses; writing the big book on 007

Best of LA
Where to ride L.A.’s  prettiest painted ponies

The Guide
30 things to do this month, from grooving with Ravi Shankar to gazing upon Caravaggio to crying over Morrissey


By Steve Erickson
Sometimes it’s better not to know what your favorite artist is thinking          

Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
Why the LAPD can still provoke shivers

By Mark Lacter
Privately built rockets add fuel to the area’s aerospace industry

Urban Affairs
By Charlie Schroeder
One man’s epic quest to learn the “real” history of Los Angeles


PLUS: 5 Things We’re Not Supposed To Tell You About This Issue

5,000 stitches
→ Needle-and-thread count necessary to create the logo for our “Made in L.A.” special section. Senior art director Byron Regej sent a digital template to the Sherman Oaks custom service Mr. Stitch Embroidery, and they sewed up the deal.

300 pounds
→ “Live weight” of the slaughtered hog brought to Mozza that’s featured in the “Aging Gracefully” spread of our Food Lovers Guide. Photographer Misha Gravenor even snapped a few of the supine swine. May it rest in grease.

555 ramirez
→ Street address of the C. Erwin Piper Technical Center, where associate editor Chris Nichols spent hours poring over an archive of city records to find the oldest operating bar in Los Angeles. Belly up to his Ask Chris column for the answer.

317 Passes
→ How many times editor-at-large Amy Wallace believes she’s driven by the festooned tree at 7667 Mulholland Drive without stopping to investigate. For this issue she put on the brakes to write “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” our tribute to neighborhood shrines.

1 Ex-wife
→ Number of former spouses mentioned in the profile of artist Chris Burden. What we didn’t say is that the ex was Barbara Burden, the former general manager of this magazine, who retired in 2011 after 33 years with the company.