November 2011


From the Editor

It’s the weekend. The alarm clock blares. You think, I can’t possibly do it. Please, just ten minutes more. The week was long, impossibly long, and your body craves rest. As soon as you hit the Snooze button, a nectarine as sweet as a s’more and so juicy you must lean into the bite to save your shoes from a geyser sneaks into your dreams… Read


Farm to Table
Navigate your way through L.A.’s farmers’ markets with our guide to all things local, sustainable, and delicious­—who grows it, where to buy it, and what to do with it.  PLUS: The six best produce finds ever
Edited By Lesley Bargar Suter 

Straight Time
Geared to troubled teens, the rehab program was vaunted on the well-connected Westside. Then things came crashing down
By Michael Angeli 

Fourth and Goal to Go
Almost two decades after the Raiders skipped town, L.A. has two—yes, two—stadium plans in the works. A Los Angeles primer on what the future may hold
By Matthew Kredell 

Curves Ahead
Stopping traffic on Mulholland Drive with this season’s bold silhouettes and dramatic colors
Photographs by Williams + Hirakawa 

Gilded Cage, Guilty Pleasure
Taylor Armstrong’s tragic ascent on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has made one reality-TV addict rethink her habit
By Claire Hoffman




Ask Chris
Chris Nichols melts into the Movieland Wax Museum
By Chris Nichols


All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

A center of cultural flux in a sea of sandstone, Santa Fe lights up when the snowflakes begin to fall

L.A. Story
Laura Dern on growing up with actors

Designer Sean Knibb draws on his love of greenscapes for his modernist furniture

Au Courant
The traditional bow tie is coming undone

Best of LA
The best hotel gift shops



Open City 
Modern parents could take a cue from the proponents of mindfulness, who exhort adults and kids alike to focus on the moment—an idea familiar to the daughter of a fun-loving mother
By Anne Taylor Fleming 


In an era when almost everyone else was channeling the blues, the Doors followed their own dark path. A new book by cultural critic Greil Marcus looks at where it led
By Steve Erickson

Photographer Matthew Rainwaters honors the hirsute with his new book, 

Hollywood typically views working with babies as a pain. The cast of NBC’s new comedy
Up All Night isn’t intimidated. They’re new parents themselves
By Miriam Datskovsky

Speak Easy
Motherless Brooklyn author Jonathan Lethem talks about life on the West Coast, his latest collection, and writers who should be on your reading list
By David Kipen

Son of a Gun, the second restaurant from Animal founders Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, honors the pair’s Florida back story
By Patric Kuh 

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