May 2016


From the Editor

I will talk to anyone about anything, and not just for the purpose of reporting a piece. I often strike up conversations with strangers, too, though I’m partial to chatting with bartenders, flight attendants, and cops. My guess as to why their stories are always so good is that all three interact with human beings at possibly their most vulnerable moments, from the recently downsized guy drowning his sorrows in a scotch to the flier who loses it at the tiniest bit of turbulence. Cops, though—man, do they have stories. They never know what they’re walking into when they respond to a call. It’s no wonder that more than one officer has told me, “When I hug my kid good-bye in the morning, I hug tight”… Read


Alfresco L.A.
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter
The city’s outdoor dining is a breath of fresh air, with the finest patios, rooftops, and picnic options—not to mention the best weather—around

Chief Concerns
Interview by Gabriel Kahn
LAPD honcho Charlie Beck answers our questions about police shootings, the uptick in crime, understaffing, and more

The Wayback Machine
As told to Matthew Segal
Writer-director Shane Black on 1970s L.A. and its star turn alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys

The Nonprofit Motive
By Jeff Gottlieb
Critics contend that Nikhil Gupta, the CEO of clinics that serve the poor and uninsured, pads his own pockets at the expense of quality care


How politics put air quality in a choke hold; a short history of shady sheriffing in L.A.; the pot economy takes root

Ask Chris
Crying foul over Dodger parking fees? Our City Scholar plays ball

L.A. Story
Comedian Maria Bamford finds the funny in scary neighbors, mental illness, even STDs

How L.A. Works
What is all that water in the Lake Hollywood Reservoir for, anyway?


Men’s Spring Fashion
Ditch the shoelaces, man up with a purse, don a cap, and put a ring around your collar

Down to Earth
Actor Joel Kinnaman (The KillingSuicide Squad) stays neutral in sleek coats and cozy knits fit for any leading man


Small Bites
Behind the lens with David Gelb, cocreator of the Netflix docuseries Chef’s Table; restaurant merch evolves beyond the T-shirt; Eko Eats showcases Korean food’s healthier side PLUS: At Spring, Tony Esnault revives haute French in a historic downtown building, and new restaurants Offcine Brera, Norah, and Moruno

The Dine Review
Patric Kuh on Hanjip, Chris Oh’s first crack at bringing the joys of Korean barbecue to a bigger slab of the city


Culture Files
Local artist Gronk puts his intricate theater sets on display; the Museum of Broken Relationships curates heartbreak in Hollywood PLUS: Patton Oswalt chooses between Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg

The growing allure of Sacramento

The Guide
30 things to do in May, from Queen Bey at the Rose Bowl to a cake workshop in K-Town


By Steve Erickson
When is a story unfilmable? The challenge of adapting J.G. Ballard’s High-Rise

By Preston Lerner
Going for a spin with ArtCenter’s renowned car design program