May 2015


april2015_cover_mdFrom the Editor

A few months ago, midway through one of the meandering weekend hikes I take with my husband and son, we reached the summit of a ridge in Montecito Heights, an old neighborhood of hills and valleys in Northeast L.A. There was a stiff breeze that afternoon, the sky was spectacularly clear, and we were treated to the kind of panoramic view of Los Angeles usually only enjoyed from the Goodyear Blimp…Read



Liquid L.A.
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter
Going out? Staying in? Wine, beer, or something stronger? Our latest guide to drinking in Los Angeles explores it all. From the best bars in town to the shops that’ll have you pouring like the pros, here’s how to quench your thirst PLUS: Tiki loses its kitsch and the city’s number one barfly

On the Waterfront
By Mike Kessler
At 7,500 acres, with 43 miles of shoreline, the Port of Los Angeles is not just huge, it’s the busiest port in the nation. Meet the officers who keep it safe, both on land and underwater

The Biggest Arms in the World
By David Davis
His 23¼-inch biceps trumped even Arnold’s. But while many Gold’s Gym regulars carved out successful careers, Bill Pettis took a different road


Urban farming is about to bloom; Bob Gurr, the man behind Tomorrowland; L.A.-specific medical marijuana strains we wish existed; the McDonald’s franchise turns 60

L.A. Archetype
A wedding planner lifts the veil on celebrity nuptials

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols gets rolling with the Derby Dolls and Metro buses

L.A. Story
Nick Offerman shares some seasoned advice on pickup truck repair

How L.A. Works
Public school lunch is served


In Store
This just in: Culottes are back, the ’70s keep on keepin’ on, and kimonos moonlight as outerwear

Garden Variety
Elisabeth Moss stars in our spring fashion feature

L.A. Home
Lightbulbs put on a stripped-down show


Small Bites
Local chefs fall hard for falafel; Japanese snacks at Kawaba Rice Ball; Joel Stein’s dinner is garbage—and he likes it; get paid for home cooking PLUS: Mexicano brings authentic sabores to Baldwin Hills, and new restaurants Ysabel, the District by Hannah An, and Steak & Whisky

The Kuh Review
Patric Kuh on Neal Fraser’s downtown cathedral, Redbird

Best of L.A.
We’re up to our gills in fabulous smoked fish


Culture Files
A rare look at the drawings of Ed Moses; Mark Z. Danielewski’s 27-part love letter to L.A. PLUS: A month’s worth of music festivals

Street Smart
Upscale merchandise beckons in the village setting of Montana Avenue

The Guide
30 things to do in May, from sipping scotch to dwelling on design


Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
No matter the bumps along the way, the pleasures of flirting continue to pass from one generation to the next

By Steve Erickson
Would Orphan Black be taken more seriously if it weren’t sci-fi?