May 2011


From the Editor
My way-overdue introduction to Herb Alpert came a few years ago, at downtown’s REDCAT. Alpert walked onstage with his wife, singer Lani Hall. Even before he put his trumpet to his lips and Hall sang her first syllable, I knew I was watching the hippest couple I’ll probably ever see… Read


The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Food

We ply our chopsticks throughout L.A.’s wonderland of juicy dumplings, bubbling hot pots, and steamy dim sum delights. Plus a San Gabriel Valley guide and Patric Kuh’s picks for the top ten Chinese restaurants

Baby, Please
For aspiring mothers, miscarriage rates increase dramatically with age. L.A.’s fertility industry wants to change that. One would-be mom’s story
By Monica Corcoran Harel 

Quad Squad
Time to bust out the shorts. But warm-weather fashions needn’t be drab. At Glendale’s historic Moonlight Rollerway, skaters dress up the season’s uniform with a touch of ’70s slickness

Avast, Johnny Depp! You’re Crushing My Petunias!
It might sound glamorous—living steps from the Universal Studios back lot where Pirates of the Caribbean and other blockbusters are filmed. But any thrill is quickly drowned out by all those explosions
By Nicole Loughlin

Herb Alpert: Always in Tune
A lion in winter? Hardly. The Tijuana Brass front man is still an extraordinary musician, not to mention a sculptor, painter, and philanthropist
By Steve Oney



Ask Chris
Chris Nichols smokes out the Chinatown dragons
By Chris Nichols

All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

These days Seattle—the mother of many inventions—feels like a mash-up of San Francisco and Echo Park. Long known for craft beers and coffee, it has a lively food scene to go with its majestic scenery

L.A. Story
Tim Burton on Valley melancholia and Disney expats

Chinatown gallery owner Robert Apodaca is loath to throw anything away
By Laurie Pike

Au Courant
Clunky 3-D eyewear gets a makeover
By Alexis Alagem



Open CityThe affection of a dog is a singular joy, especially in a town not big on personal warmth
By Anne Taylor Fleming

As Bob Dylan approaches his 70th birthday, it’s hard to know which incarnation to toast
By Steve Erickson

Former Wall Street prodigy Austin Beutner makes $1 a year working for the City of Los Angeles. Are we getting our money’s worth? More than you can possibly imagine
By Gabriel Kahn

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