March 2011



Altered States
The city of second chances is rich in homes transformed by dramatic makeovers. A plain box in the Hollywood Hills is reborn as a glamorous bachelor pad. Layers of history come back to gilded life in an ornate Los Feliz manse. The glowing lights of a canopy beckon to a Pasadena home. And a 100-year-old bungalow near Dodger Stadium is young again
By Marissa Gluck and Ann Herold

Cook Illustrated
Michael Voltaggio sees himself as part of the L.A. dining scene’s scruffy new guard. This spring on Melrose, the Top Chef winner launches his first restaurant, with another spot set to follow later in the year. That would be a lot of pressure for anyone, let alone a 32-year-old determined to prove he’s not a flash in the pan
By Laurie Winer

Night Light
Featherweight textures. A pale palette. Maxi dresses with minimalist lines. Here’s what to wear to illuminate noir evenings this season

The Architect of Delight
Have you ever sat in the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland—with its talking macaws and singing flowers—and wondered, Who the heck comes up with this stuff? The answer is, artists like Rolly Crump. The legendary Imagineer talks about tikis, small worlds, and what it was like to work with Walt
As told to Marcel Bonner and Stephen Daly



Ask Chris
Chris Nichols gives voice to Echo Park lore
By Chris Nichols

All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

L.A. Archetype
Organic Farmer Craig Ruggless, 47, knows what goes into his soil ends up on your plate
By Taylor Soppe

The Weekender
On the edge of central Texas’s lush Hill Country, the Lone Star State’s coolest town is ripe for music fanatics
By John Morthland

Best of LA
Diners that dish up old-style comfort
By Lesley Bargar Suter

L.A. Story
Josh Radnor on prospecting (gold) and reinventing (himself)

Life is a cabaret for producer-director Michelle Carr
By Laurie Pike

Au Courant
Turning job loss into weight loss
By Lexy Lebsack



Open City
Between the undemanding climate and the lack of social obligations, a writer can work uninterrupted in L.A.
By Anne Taylor Fleming


With the Oscars looming large, a critic ponders the Academy’s knack for making all the wrong choices
By Steve Erickson


Wireless apps that perform such tasks as tracking the sun’s path or synchronizing film and sound are fast encroaching on the jobs of skilled Industry technicians. But can they write a script?
By Zachary Pincus-Roth 

Located in an old IHOP on Washington Boulevard, Kogi truck founder Roy Choi’s A-Frame is a plucky mash-up of powerful flavors
By Patric Kuh 

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