June 2015


april2015_cover_mdFrom the Editor

A horse corral may not seem a natural place to start a story about L.A.’s future, but here goes. My son, Isaac, began riding several years ago at Children’s Ranch, a stable in Atwater Village that offers therapeutic lessons to children like him who are on the autism spectrum. He responded so enthusiastically that he has since graduated to cantering at a larger arena in the same neighborhood. His love of horses has led me to explore, for the first time, L.A.’s equestrian culture. …Read



L.A. on the Verge
Edited by Matthew Segal
Right now, all around you, L.A. is transforming. Fueled in part by a growing Metro Rail network, the region is seeing a burst of construction not just downtown (though the changes taking place there are mind-blowing on their own) but in the Valley and on the Miracle Mile, in Santa Monica and along Crenshaw. Though the groundwork being laid today presents more than a few challenges, it is going to change not just the skyline but also how we think of Los Angeles—and of ourselves as Angelenos PLUS: How the L.A. River may well become the city’s most defining, and exciting, green space

Under the Skin
By Greg Nichols
Dawn DaLuise, a well-known West Hollywood facialist, was arrested for soliciting the murder of a business rival. But as the bizarre details of her case emerge, it appears she may be a victim, not the perpetrator

Camp Cali
By Matthew Segal
Sometimes there’s just no substitute for sleeping out in the wild. Desert hideaways, forest retreats, coastal refuges—with our list of more than two dozen great camping sites, you’re bound to find something to inspire, including the state’s best glamp spots


Two films give ’90s-era hip-hop a fresh take; religious groups find common ground at the Pico Union Project

L.A. Archetype
A foley artist’s secret tools for sound effects

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols gets some concrete answers

L.A. Story
Director Paul Feig on talking to celebrities

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash

How L.A. Works
Following the tracks of the urban coyote


In Store
This just in: Parasols throw down shade; a local artist paints custom kicks and threads; Ol’ Blue Eyes is honored with a limited-edition timepiece PLUS: Summer makeup looks on the bright side

The Luxe Life
Butter Ventures CEO Toni Ko shares what she’s coveting now

L.A. Home
Celebrity caterer and event planner Lulu Powers fills her house with photos, books, and vintage pieces that strike a personal note


Small Bites
We’re up to our gills in poke, Hawaii’s raw fish favorite; sugar fans are crushing on Nicole Rucker; Lou Amdur deems txakolina the sip of summer; a vintage menu exhibition that’s made to order PLUS: Brendan Collins returns with Birch, and new restaurants Ox & Son, Bombo, and Hinterland

The Kuh Review
Patric Kuh on the power of plants at Le Comptoir, Gary Menes’s refined ten-seater in K-town


Culture Files
L.A. develops a serious case of cat fever; Mark Haskell Smith bares all for his latest book; the brothers behind surf-pop band Cayucas dance at their own lagoon

The Guide
30 things to do in June, from melting over Goldfinger to cashing in on free music in Pasadena


Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
Project Fatherhood strives to transform boys into men at Jordan Downs

By Fiona Ng
Amy Duan taps into a hungry expat community with Chihuo, her Chinese-language food blog

By Steve Erickson
Trying to channel the genius of Beach Boy Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy