June 2012


From the Editor

My family recently returned from a trip to France. We began in the gorgeous city of Bordeaux, where our nephew, whom we raised, is wrapping up his junior year of college abroad. The wine was, of course, mind-blowing; the baguettes, beautiful (France is hell for the gluten sensitive); the cheeses, pungent and unpasteurized; the products from the farmers’ markets, as tantalizing as any we can buy here…  Read


101 Cheap Eats
Forget the tablecloths. L.A.’s finest food is also its cheapest. We devour 101 of the city’s most delicious BLT hot dogs, shrimp-stuffed tacos, egg-topped rice bowls, and crispy-crust pizzas. Plus: A fantastic voyage for flawless fried chicken

The Identity Thief
By Louise Farr
Even investigators were awed by Randy Kling’s skill at amassing aliases and defrauding people. But murder? That was his biggest deception of all

WEB EXTRA: Executive editor Matt Segal interviews Louise Farr about “The Identity Thief”

Fifty Thousand Shades of Gray
By Nancy Miller
It’s summer in L.A.—so why is the weather so crummy? We shed some light on the cloudy topic of June Gloom

WEB EXTRA: L.A.’s dreariest June days
WEB EXTRA: The June Gloom cocktail recipe

The Outdoor Room Grows Up
By Ann Herold
Landscape designers Scott Shrader and Jay Griffith have long viewed the garden as a place you should use—a lot


Experiencing the next California Adventure, rolling with Bike Nation, and getting starry eyed at Griffith Observatory  

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols on busting buskers

L.A. Story
Maggie Gyllenhaal recalls post-Oscars pasta, Emma Thompson’s admirers, and the last days of Angeli Caffe    

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash  

How L.A. Works
Drilling for another kind of gold


Au Courant
Got just a little in the middle but too much in back? Swimsuits that flatter, no matter your body type

The first lady of nails, OPI founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, and her coats of many colors

Style Stakeout
We find trendsetters and cowboys alike in East L.A.

Best of LA
Hang ten at these swell surf shops


Main Course

It’s the final countdown for foie gras in California, as L.A. chefs say farewell to the controversial delicacy

New Restaurants
Pigs don’t fly, they soar, at Silver Lake’s Black Hogg plus: Shunji, UMAMIcatessen, and Abigaile

Small Bites
Chefs-cum-gardeners dig a fresh crop of herbs; Kris Yenbamroong talks Thai snacks at Night + Market; lasagna shapes up for summer with Josie Le Balch’s recipe; five L.A. food apps make downloading delicious; and an ice cream pro gives the scoop on scooping 

Dining Out
139 of the city’s best restaurants, from Ago to Auntie Em’s


Culture Files

Looking for that “Made in L.A.” sticker; belly dancing on the Queen Mary; andkvetching with Sandra Bernhard

WEB EXTRA: Chris Nichols recalls his favorite events aboard the Queen Mary 

Street Smart
The road less traveled leads to Sunset Junction 

From bingo to trivia, games that play well in a darkened bar

The Guide
30 things to do this month, from a James Bond extravaganza to a Johnny Cash tribute


By Steve Erickson
Tom Cruise may be the headliner, but the Sunset Strip is the real star of Rock of Ages        

By Mark Lacter
How the Westfield Group has been shaping the way Los Angeles shops


PLUS: 5 Things We’re Not Supposed To Tell You About This Issue

20 seconds
→ Time it took for the pizza on our cover to begin “leoparding”— a term that describes the optimal smattering of brown spots on the crust. Chef-owner Bradford Kent and his team at Olio Piz- zeria & Café prepped 46 pies for their wood-burning oven to achieve one that was photo-perfect. Dough!

7 chuckles
→ Guffaws exchanged between design director Steven Banks and deputy editor Nancy Miller while discussing pump jacks for our How L.A. Works department. Hey, you try saying “an- nulus” and “polished rod” with a straight face.

2 rolls
→ Amount of film that intrepid photographer (and former art intern) Damon Casarez shot inside Westfield Culver City before getting busted by security. Casarez moved on to Westfield Santa Anita, “but it wasn’t as exciting as the Culver City location,” he says. “The experience with the mall cop was surreal.”

6 droppings
→ “Tokens” left behind by Magic, the duck model photographed for the Eat opener. Magic’s sister, Molly, left less of a mark, quacking from her cage during the shoot.

1 lip gloss
→ The sole cosmetic in associate editor Kari Mozena’s purse when she critiqued the makeup of several famous faces for The Seen.