July 2015


From the Editor

In a lot of ways it’s the Lakers, not the Dodgers, who have long been our Yankees; the Clippers have never been our Mets. The scrappy Mets somehow remained lovable through all the losses. The Clippers weren’t lovable, at least not to me. I didn’t blame it on the fact that they were from San Diego—after all, the Lakers still carry their Minnesota origins in their name. I didn’t blame it on their lack of championship titles or star power—I often root for the underdog, and I haven’t loved a Laker since Magic left (Kobe’s a ball hog). I blamed it on Donald Sterling. Read


Taco City
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter with Bill Esparza
It’s time we raise a chip (or a lime wedge) to the city’s most famous Mexican immigrant, whose only limit is the size of its tortilla—and our appetite

There’s Always Next Year
By Paul Brownfield
The Clippers almost made history. Then they blew it. Can the love and money of their new owner lead to better times?

Leaving Los Angeles
By Scott Timberg
The city is a magnet for seekers and strivers. But what if living the dream costs too much?

When Is a Rescuer a Hoarder?
By Carol Mithers
Kimi Peck was good at taking in unwanted dogs. Letting them go proved much harder


The Special Olympics World Summer Games bring economic muscle to L.A.; the return of Disneyland’s Hatbox Ghost; Democratic congressman Tony Cárdenas seeks to harness the unaffiliated Latino vote

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols on the mysterious mannequins at a North Hollywood car dealership

L.A. Story
Actress Judy Greer on double-decker strip malls and knitting in traffic

How L.A. Works
The LAPD’s new body cameras are in focus


In Store
This just in: The Z-Boys inspire a line of nail polish; a local jeweler brings back the Force

The Luxe Life
What jet-setting fashion designer Tadashi Shoji covets

Style Stakeout
We hit the streets of Manhattan Beach

L.A. Home
Tiles go sculptural


Small Bites
L.A.’s in the midst of an ice cream invasion; when it comes to dining out, Joel Stein would like a little less freedom of choice; the Turkish delight of the döner kebab. PLUS: Andrew Kirschner christens the Santa Monica Yacht Club, and new restaurants Jon & Vinny’s, Belcampo, and B.S. Taqueria

The Kuh Review
Patric Kuh on Quinn and Karen Hatfield’s latest, Odys + Penelope


Culture Files
A True Detective location guide; where to play amateur gumshoe; artist Enrique Martínez Celaya returns to L.A.

Best of LA
All aboard the region’s top train museums

Once just a pass-through city, Denver is worth the stop

The Guide
30 things to do in July, from poring over medieval books to pouring soda pop


By Steve Erickson
Staying sane in a late-night landscape without Jon Stewart

By Ann Herold
In his new memoir, Barbarian Days, New Yorker writer and L.A. native William Finnegan drops readers into his surfing life