July 2013



From the Editor

My uncle Mel was on a Manson family hit list. In 1975, four years after Charles Manson and three of his followers were convicted of first-degree murder, a policeman knocked on Mel’s door to deliver the news. Several members of the infamous cult were targeting people who were polluting the earth, and my uncle’s work as a Disney executive who helped develop the parks had put him on the list. At the time I happened to be staying at his ranch house… Read



Special Crime Issue
Edited by Amy Wallace and Matt Segal
In his classic hard-boiled detective novel The Big Sleep, Raymond Chandler writes of Los Angeles: “It seemed like a nice neighborhood to have bad habits in.” Our first-ever Crime Issue investigates those bad habits—who perpetrates them, who’s victimized by them, and why they leave us so spellbound



A masked western superhero comes to the big screen; dueling Bradleys; a guerrilla gardener’s street cred; tallying who hates L.A. (and why) PLUS: The passing of the medfly

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols hangs out at the corner of Hollywood and Vine

L.A. Story
Octavia Spencer on big small towns and building tolerance

The Seen
Event-tested homes with their own star power



In Store
Summer lips go high voltage; Sisters of L.A. raise a glass to the city PLUS: Platforms and flip-flops pair up

Prime Finds
Patio accessories look on the bright side

Furniture designer Adam Blackman tickles a few funny bones



Culture Files
The Haim siblings rock out; a theater goes Rogue; LACMA debuts its Arts of Africa gallery; David Lynch picks up the guitar (again); dive bars get a face-lift PLUS: Doug Benson makes bad movies good

Street Smart
Uptown Whittier’s vintage character has modern charm

The Guide
July, from free lunchtime concerts to man-made obstacle courses



Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
A native takes on SoCal’s wild ride

Speak Easy
By Gabriel Kahn
Ben Goldhirsh spends his fortune doing good

By Steve Erickson
Our critic follows the long blood trail in Dexter

By Sophie Sartain
A Runyon Canyon regular channels the power of affirmations