July 2012


From the Editor

Before the summer of 1984, I’d never thought of Los Angeles as a cohesive city. To me it was a series of disconnected neighborhoods: the one I grew up in, the two I went to school in, the ones I had friends in. But that summer, thanks to the design genius of architect Jon Jerde and the organizational vision of businessman Peter Ueberroth, Los Angeles felt whole…  Read


Doctor’s Orders
By Dave Gardetta
No one in the country makes more vibrators, plugs, and erotic prosthetics than Doc Johnson, the father-son operation based in North Hollywood

WEB EXTRA: Dave Gardetta shares what it was like to enter the sex toy-filled offices of Doc Johnson for the first time

London Calling
As told to David Davis
Seven L.A. athletes on their way to the Summer Games show off the moves that propelled them to the Olympian heights of their sports

WEB EXTRA: The Olympic hopefuls take us behind the scenes of their photo shoot with Patrik Giardino

End of the Line
By Charles Fleming
Operating a train in L.A. can be trying. Hitting pedestrians by accident is bad enough. Then there are the suicides that haunt you forever

WEB EXTRA: Executive editor Matthew Segal interviews Charles Fleming about “End of the Line”


Budget cuts are leading to statewide park closures. Can our California history be saved?

L.A. Archetype
A sommelier opens the cellar door

WEB EXTRA: Our Archetype offers drink suggestions for readers’ favorite hard-to-pair dishes

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols talks frankly about Orson Welles

L.A. Story
Elijah Wood shares his Valley teen spirit

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash  

How L.A. Works
The Hollywood sign’s balancing act     

WEB EXTRA: Deputy editor Nancy Miller reports from inside the L.A. icon’s security gate

WEB EXTRA:  See a slide show of close ups on the Hollywood SIgn


Au Courant
Sunglasses get catty

Vans’ creative director stays true to the old school

In Store
Guess turns 30; jeweler David Yurman looks back at beatnik L.A.; the long and short of short shorts 

Prime Finds
From baskets to blankets, the essentials for a perfect picnic


Main Course

It’s a snow cone. It’s ice cream. No, it’s snow ice, a Taiwanese treat that’s hit the mainstream

New Restaurants
Tapas mingle with California small plates at Pasadena’s Ración plus: Casa Ado, the Pikey, and A1 Cucina Italiana

Small Bites
A farmer’s is one name Joel Stein won’t drop; rice balls are stuffed in Santa Monica

The Dine Review
The new Water Grill is more laid-back, and that suits Patric Kuh just fine


Culture Files

Drawing on L.A.’s Comic-Con talent; moving pictures by Moby; andspinning with The Exorcist 

WEB EXTRA: Moby shares his My LA to Z

Boulder is filled with great restaurants—and plenty of picturesque places to walk off those meals

Best of  LA
Fireworks shows that light up the Fourth

The Guide
30 things to do this month, from a James Bond extravaganza to a Johnny Cash tribute


By Steve Erickson
TV’s most astonishing show, Breaking Bad, enters its final season     

WEB EXTRA: An episode guide to the AMC drama    

By Nicole LaPorte
For the celebrities who live in them, hotels are more than a haven

Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
Why HBO’s Girls struck such a chord


PLUS: 5 Things We’re Not Supposed To Tell You About This Issue

77 down- the-hatches
→ Estimated number of cocktails swigged by dine editor Lesley Bargar Suter and senior editors Linda Immediato and Elina Shatkin while reporting “L.A.’s 15 Best New Bars.” But hey, who’s keeping track? (Our accounting department, most likely.)

159 videos
→ Posts by “sexuality educator” and girl-gadget expert Dr. Ruthie on YouTube, many of which writer-at-large Dave Gardetta viewed while working on his sex toy manufacturing story, “Doctor’s Orders.” “YouTube is this new forum for women to share feedback on products,” says Gardetta. “I honestly lost count of how many videos I watched.”

32 $#&*s!
→ Profanities uttered by deputy editor Nancy Miller while rappeling 75 feet down Mount Lee. She was trying to access the hard-to-reach Hollywood sign she writes about in How L.A. Works.

4 balls
→ Orbs purchased by the photo department because the Olympians featured in “London Calling” didn’t BYOB to the shoot. “One of them said, ‘Never ask athletes to bring anything,’” says photo editor Amy Feitelberg. “We’ll always forget.”

3 toppings
→ Garnishes (chili, cheese, onions) that associate editor Chris Nichols added to his Pink’s hot dog while researching a question for Ask Chris.