July 2010



A Day at the Beach
You can sun, sleep, cycle, even build a bonfire—well, in a couple of places anyway—on our magnificent coast. Some beaches promise a great escape; others function as a second home for folks whose passions keep them planted in the sand. Plus, tips on baby’s seaside outing and where to learn to surf and dive

The Vivisector’s Tale
Using bullhorns and the occasional firebomb, militant animal rights activists have been targeting UCLA researchers for years. When they focused on David Jentsch, the quiet scientist did something few would have expected
By Steven Mikulan 

Urban Scrawl
Call it blight. Call it rebellion. Taggers cost the city millions of dollars in damage each year, tattooing neighborhoods and unsettling residents with their feverish writings. We peek inside their secretive world, following two crews as they make their mark
By Matthew Segal 

The Political Insider
Rosalind Wyman, maven of Democratic politics in L.A., suggested that John F. Kennedy deliver his 1960 nomination acceptance speech at the Coliseum. Then she had to come up with a crowd
As told to Richard E. Meyer 



Ask Chris
Chris Nichols relieves a commuter complaint
By Chris Nichols

All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

L.A. Archetype
Ryan Farhoudi, 33, whips clients into shape—with more than a little sweat

By Ashley Reich  

Best of LA
Restaurant menus that tap into an underage gourmet’s sense of adventure, and we’re not talking traditional chicken fingers and boring PB&J
By Ed Leibowitz 

PLUS: Shopping for veggies with Burn Notice’s Jeffrey Donovan

Designer Nadia Begeta is a fashion cutup
By Caroline Cagney 

Au Courant
The return of fanny packs as designer duds
By Laurie Pike 




Adapting Jim Thompson’s The Killer Inside Me, director Michael Winterbottom flirts with danger
By Steve Erickson

Open City
L.A. was a “don’t ask, don’t tell” place—until Arizona got everyone talking
By Anne Taylor Fleming

The ghost of our most divisive modern president haunts efforts to make his library tell the truth
By Scott Martelle 

Speak Easy
Art Leahy, boss of the MTA, says getting around should be no problem: Just leave your car at home
By D.J. Waldie

In the past five years, George Abou-Daoud has opened a half-dozen restaurants along Sunset Boulevard. He’s a master at creating casual neighborhood spots, but District, his latest, aspires to be something more
By Patric Kuh 

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Web Extras:

Retail Rants!
There’s way more going on in stores than just shopping. The retail arena is rife with drama and its own cast of characters: the flirty clerk, the tag-switching customer, the changing-room sex fiend. Take this poll to let us know about your own in-store habits. Be honest! Your identity is guaranteed anonymous, and this is just for fun. 

The Reading List: July ’10
Every month LAmag.com highlights titles of local interest that are hitting the bookshelves. Here’s what’s new
By Wendy Witherspoon 

Ready, Set, Beach
In celebration of our July issue, we asked trainer and L.A. Archetype Ryan Farhoudi to show us some quick exercises before we hit the beach
By Ashley Reich