January 2013



From the Editor

Over the past year we’ve been printing interviews with candidates for mayor of Los Angeles. This month we spotlight Kevin James. Don’t confuse him with the actor of the same name who starred in The King of Queens. This Kevin James is a gay Republican, lawyer and former radio talk-show host whose platform boils down to: “The other candidates—all veteran City Hall seat warmers—have gotten us into a financial mess. I am the only one you can trust to get us out.”… Read


The Top 10 Best New Restaurants
By Patric Kuh

Celebrating a delectable year in L.A. food, from fancy farm fare to spiffy pub grub

WEB EXTRA: An Insider’s Guide to the Best New Restaurants 

The Tip of the Spear
By Joel Sappell
Decades after investigating the Church of Scientology, a journalist investigates what happened to him

WEB EXTRA: Joel Sappell on his 24-article series on Scientology

Getting Fit in L.A.
By Amy Wallace
It’s January, folks. Time to get off the couch and break a sweat. If a 50-year-old writer can do it, so can you

WEB EXTRA:  Your Step By Step Guide to Six New Workouts

The Insider’s Guide to the Rose Parade
By Chris Nichols

Here are your marching orders on the best way to enjoy the annual procession

WEB EXTRA: Meet Rose Queen Vanessa Manjarrez


The Magic Castle turns 50 plus: A second take on Gangster Squad

L.A. Archetype
The muse behind a rock-and-roll anthem

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols solves a well-seasoned mystery

L.A. Story
Kevin Bacon on his love-hate-love relationship with the city

The Seen
All the parties fit to crash

How L.A. Works
The pieces that make a pocket of land a park


In Store
Forget bulky fanny packs and the sporty high-end designer versions that followed—the latest hands-free bags are chic and sleek; newbie designer Derek Mattison follows suit; four ways to tie a tie; how to wear capes, cloaks, and ponchos and not look like a balloon

Best of L.A.
Need some haute couture on the road? Fashion retailers go the way of food trucks


Small Bites
Kale: a true Hollywood success story; honoring the almighty cheeseburger; the rise of Bread Lounge’s Ran Zimon; loose-leaf teas go custom plus: Reviews of new restaurants the Hart and the Hunter, Sqirl, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, and Cortez


Culture Files
The parting shots of Andy Warhol; a tribute to cinema’s top soundtracks; Jimmy Kimmel vies for the late-night crown; two local film fests duke it out Plus: All that jazz at Venice’s RG Club

Learn to surf, shop for local art, or just soak up the sun in Todos Santos

The Guide
30 things to do this month, from analyzing Freud to toasting bordeaux


Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s idea of a second (third?) act: a return to the big screen

Speak Easy
By Gabriel Kahn

Who is Kevin James, and why does he think he can guide L.A. better than those other folks running for mayor?

By Steve Erickson
He’s got the heart of a teenager and the brain of a cinema professor. Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino in middle age

By Ben Kallen

For proponents of the “paleo” lifestyle, what was good for us 40,000 years ago is good for us today