January 2011



Best New Restaurants
Patric Kuh’s annual list of the top ten newcomers spans cuisine, geography, and price point, from a rowdy Little Tokyo gastropub to a homey Silver Lake café to a sleek Malibu eatery Plus: Our five favorite pop-ups, a guide to cocktail pairings, and memories of classic L.A. fine dining from Saveur founding editor Colman Andrews

The Rise and Fall of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger came into the governor’s office with the same sparkly bravado that fueled his leap from Mr. Universe to Mr. Terminator. He was going to shake things up and lead California back to greatness. What happened?
By Ed Leibowitz 

The Secret Life of Trash
Whether it involves cans, bottles, or boxes, L.A. is the big-city leader in recycling. A Los Angeles primer on how it’s done
By Richard E. Meyer

The Pitch Guy
Robert Kosberg has made a career of what he calls “selling air.” He specializes in coming up with movie ideas. Not screenplays, mind you—just concepts. In fact, hang around the Industry long enough, and you are bound to happen upon a brainchild of his
By Laurie Winer



Ask Chris
Chris Nichols puts Mexican Coca-Cola to the taste test
By Chris Nichols

All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

L.A. Story
Actor-writer-director Mike White (his new series, Enlightened, premieres on HBO this month) on slasher movies and not owning socks
As told to Mary Melton

The Weekender
A host of cultural and nightlife offerings make Park City more sophisticated than most ski towns
By Erin Rottman 

Best of LA
Single-screen theaters that will lure you from the multiplex
By Sara Wilson 

Jewelry designer Camille Eddera puts a crowning touch on accessories
By Lexy Lebsack 

Au Courant
Fitness trainers who do double duty
By Alexis Alagem 



Open City
Lying about one’s age is expected in a town besotted with youth. Giving up the pretense is strangely comforting
By Anne Taylor Fleming 

Black Swan, the latest from Darren Aronofsky, is full of clunky dialogue and melodrama.  It also has riveting performances and a dreamy
power that’s characteristic of all the gutsy director’s movies
By Steve Erickson

Need evidence that the Mountain School is not your typical arts institution? It’s tuition free, for one thing. It meets in a downtown hipster
bar, for another. And the students don’t make art
By Kate Wolf 

In Hollywood, Twitter is more than just a megaphone. For certain savvy television writers, it’s a way to seize some control
By Miriam Datskovsky 

The quirky and opinionated radio DJ Jim Svejda brings classical music to an audience far larger than the one patronizing Disney Hall. How he boosted KUSC into an international sensation—twice
By Laurie Pike 

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Web Extras:

Retro Mexico

When Lori McCaffery of Burbank sent us her “famous” Taco Salad and $5,000 Dressing recipes, in response to Mary Melton’s November editor’s note, Dine editor Lesley Bargar Suter headed for the Los Angeles magazine test kitchen. 

Best New Recipes
Bring Josef Centeno, Karen Hatfield, and Wolfgang Puck into your home kitchen. These chefs, along with others from this year’s Best New Restaurants issue, share some of their favorite recipes 

The Reading List:  January ’11
Every month LAmag.com highlights titles of local interest that are hitting the bookshelves. Here’s what’s new
By Wendy Witherspoon