January 2010



50 Ways to be Happy
Eudaimonia is a classical Greek word commonly translated as “happiness.” But more than joy or pleasure, the term actually refers to human flourishing. On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we offer Angelenos 50 ways to flourish in 2010
Edited by Amy Wallace

Golden Globes
Dan Winters’s portfolio of oranges, tangerines, lemons, and other members of the citrus clan should bring back memories of Valley groves—or send you rushing off to the nearest farmers’ market
By Ann Herold

Sick Bay
Everything that is flushed down the toilet has to go somewhere, and in L.A.’s case, that would be the ocean. For decades the city was barely treating the stuff it pumped into the Pacific, which helped make our coastal waters some of the dirtiest in the nation. Then Howard Bennett, a teacher from Culver City High, took up the cause
By Bill Sharpsteen

Repo Man
Cars, boats, trucks—Quentin Gutierrez has repossessed them all. The economy is keeping him busy. He considers himself a professional thief, licensed to steal. But believe it or not, he has a soft spot
By Chris Nelson




Ask Chris
Chris Nichols clears up an optical illusion
By Chris Nichols

All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

PLUS: Bryce Dallas Howard, currently appearing in The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, keeps her family to herself

Graphic designer Simone Legno is Zen about his Tokidoki characters
By Laurie Pike

Au Courant
Call it the Angeleno: the comfortably loose new trend in women’s suits is ours
By Laurie Pike




A master of Gallic cooking, Laurent Quenioux casts his net wide at Beverly Boulevard’s Bistro LQ. But he’s best when he stays closer to home
By Patric Kuh

PLUS: In our newly expanded dining listings, find some cheap eats, a dish’s story, and what’s in season at farmers’ markets

For Terry Gilliam, director of the surreal Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the past is always present
By Steve Erickson

Most Hollywood salons are hosted by A-list players who seek to do good. And they don’t mind a bit if you know it
By Gina Piccalo

Open City
With the McCourts squabbling over the boys in blue, there’s a red face or two in town
By Anne Taylor Fleming



Web Extras:

The Reading List: January ’10
Every month LAmag.com highlights titles of local interest that are hitting bookshelves. Here’s what’s new
By Wendy Witherspoon

Your LA to Z
We will be celebrating our anniversary throughout 2010, but the yearlong fete isn’t just about the magazine. It’s also about the city—and you. That’s why we’ll be featuring your photos of Los Angeles all year long

Into the Wild
In T.C. Boyle’s new collection, creatures of the forest creep into our living rooms
By Wendy Witherspoon 

The Gwyneth Challenge
The economy was tanking, factions warring, infrastructures imploding. Who didn’t need a good cleanse in early 2009? Editor Mary Melton heeded Gwyneth Paltrow’s clarion call, put forth on the actress’s much-poked-fun-at Web site Goop.com, to withstand a seven-day long New Year’s detox
By Mary Melton