August 2016


AugustCoverBest of L.A.

Best of Shop
Edited by Julia Herbst

Best of Eat
Edited by Lesley Bargar Suter

Best of Do
Edited by Marielle Wakim

Photo Essay

Pray L.A.
An entire globe’s worth of spiritual beliefs have taken root in L.A. County. Some are ancient; others, hybridized and new. As different as they may look from one another and as contentious a topic as religion can be, they’re all founded on the same bedrocks of faith and community.


The downsides of filming movies and shows locally; L.A.’s toxic cocktail; the making of McDonald’s; bright idea for city streets

Ask Chris
Wrangling with totems and taboo at the Redondo Beach pier

L.A. Story
Bloodline star Sissy Spacek on breaking into film back when David lynch lived in a stable

L.A. on the Verge
With four buildings going up on a six-plus-acre lot downtown, Metropolis is a city all its own


By Steve Erickson
Bryan Cranston’s role in The Infiltrator could be a metaphor for his post-Breaking Bad career

By David Dayen
How multinational corporation Nestlé has paid a pittance to bottle hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of water from a San Bernardino County creek

Speak Easy
By Ann Herold
Olympics booster Gordon Crawford explains why Team USA needs your cash