August 2013


From the Editor

Among the many periodicals that land in my mailbox, Archaeology magazine may offer the most inspiration. Sometimes in my life I will don a multipocketed vest and a pith helmet to search for a lost city under the Tunisian sun. For now gardening in my yard is as close as I get to digging around in the dirt My haul has not been so terrible: I cleared away an overgrown oleander, which yielded 22 old bottles… Read



Best of Shop
The city is full of attainable treasures—you just have to be savvy enough to find them. We sought out everything from reproduction lamps and outdoor furniture to comfy (but cute) flats and leather pants that feel made for you. Need pros to fix your bicycle chain or restore your suede skirt? We tracked them down, too. PLUS: Where Dodger Andre Ethier buys his kicks

Best of Eat
This year our job included evaluating the fluff level of beignets, the slurp factor of oysters, the romance ratio of spaghetti to meatballs, and the perk potential of cold-brewed coffee. Want to hear yourself think (or your date speak) while you eat? We located the perfect low-decibel dining room. PLUS: Where Star Trek director J.J. Abrams prefers his pie by the slice

Best of Do
We hereby apologize to your sofa. With the ideal picnic spot, pub quiz, space tour, and affordable theater seats all picked out, there are no more excuses to stay in. Still looking for motivation? We unearthed a hike with a tasty payoff (and we don’t mean the view). PLUS: Where Garbage’s Shirley Manson takes her pup when she’s on the road

The Birth of a City
The Natural History Museum celebrates its 100th anniversary with the exhibition Becoming Los Angeles. Some of our favorite objects are captured in a photo portfolio by Henry Leutwyler



Priorities for Mayor Garcetti; art mimics life in an eco-spoof PLUS: The Hammer’s chief curator paints a pretty picture

L.A. Archetype
A self-defense instructor puts up her dukes

Ask Chris
Chris Nichols finds private clubs on the cheap

L.A. Story
Jake Johnson on love at first sight, catering gigs, and walking with rattlesnakes

The Seen
What a guy’s haircut says about his status

How L.A. Works
Getting stuck at the La Brea Tar Pits



Open City
By Anne Taylor Fleming
Our most celebrated architect scans the landscape and sees opportunities missed

Urban Affairs

By Mike Kessler
Drug operations from Mexico set down roots in the local wilderness


By Steve Erickson
The Lovelace biopic has a critic asking: Why are we more comfortable watching murder and mayhem than sex on film?

By Mark Lacter
Local entrepreneurs plug into investor interest in e-commerce fashion sites

By Andrea Richards
Suntanning may be bad for you, but getting a faux glow retains its allure for many. So how safe are spray guns?


The Guide
30 things to do this month, from banjo strumming to squirt gun fighting to flea market hunting; a hula judge who’s not easily swayed; wishful thinking at the FYF Fest