August 2011


From the Editor

We had just finished cleaning our plates and draining the last cocktails at the magazine’s 50th-anniversary party when we began digging. Well, we didn’t dig—a couple of maintenance workers at our office building burrowed the hole into which we lowered a time capsule to commemorate our half-century of extolling and exposing the city… Read


Best of LA: Food + Drink
High-end Italian dining and authentic ramen. Crab cakes and pig’s ears. Scotch list and cocktail punch. Apple pie and artisanal peanut butter. Dig in.

Best of LA: Shops
Dresses for kids and shoes for men. British wares and Japanese teapots. Flower arrangements and contemporary tableware. Cycling apparel and tuxedo rentals. Happy hunting.

Best of LA: Health + Beauty
One-stop beauty bar and escapist skin treatment. Eyelash extensions at home and swank spa pedicures. Essential oils and stress-reduction classes. Aaaaah.

Best of LA: Play
Happy hour and banquet hall. Acoustic night and drag show. L.A.-games arcade and free museum. Rock climbing and boxing gym. Get moving.

Best of LA: Help
Shoe repair and sweater reweaving. Lumberyard and pocket nursery. Neighborhood blog and travel agent. Stray cat clinic and aquarium installer. Why suffer?




Ask Chris
Chris Nichols appraises the appraisers
By Chris Nichols

All the parties fit to crash
By Kari Mozena

Street Smart
On Main Street in Santa Monica, there’s no ignoring the beach, but the low-key restaurants and stores have a small-town feel
By Kari Mozena

L.A. Story
Sam Trammell on wiping out and trusting the blond dude with the needle and thread

Closet designer Lisa Adams gets the most out of any space.

Au Courant
Burning Man-inspired clothing and scents envelop L.A.

L.A. Archetype
Street preacher Carlos Alvarado gets his message across the old-fashioned way




Open CityThe last year with her mother was a gift. But then the admiration between parent and child had always been strong—and kept them close throughout life
By Anne Taylor Fleming

Film & TV
Four decades after his offbeat Two-Lane Blacktop proved his bona fides as a cinematic outlaw, director Monte Hellman is at it again with Road to Nowhere
By Steve Erickson

Calabasas-based Countrywide puffed up the housing bubble. Now it’s weighing down Bank of America, the company that bought it in what may have been the biggest bank bungle ever
By Mark Lacter

Speak Easy
Los Angeles County Museum of Art director Michael Govan fields our questions on what LACMA lacks and how it’s changing
By Ed Leibowitz

L.A. Fiction
Bebe is trying to leave drugs and alcohol behind and put her life back together in an unlikely place: a shabby Glendale cosmetology school. Sometimes beauty is found where you least expect it. An excerpt from Jillian Lauren’s new novel, Pretty

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