Who Knew David Arquette Was Such a Nice Guy?

The actor hosted a fundraiser to alleviate homelessness at his club last night

Last night, David Arquette opened up his club Bootsy Bellows (normally a haven of gyrating hips) to fundraise for Imagine LA, a nonprofit dedicated to helping families stay off the streets. The star was a no-show—busy filming—but plenty of booze, live music, and puckered lips made up for it. By night’s end, more than $200,000 was raised, enough to assist a couple dozen folks at risk of returning to transiency. Last year the organization worked with 26 parents and 47 kids. By their calculations, that has saved society up to $100,000 per family in unused services. Imagine LA hopes to triple the number of people assisted within the next few years. All they need is a few more evenings of sponsored debauchery or clicks of the “Donate Now” button on their home page.