What’s It Really Like to Be the Princess of Monaco?

Here’s what she said at a fancy luncheon attended by the Mayor

Yesterday Princess Charlene of Monaco sat down with former Entertainment Tonight co-host Mary Hart for a conversation at a chic luncheon held in her honor by the Blue Ribbon ladies—the eternally cool fundraising arm of The Music Center. The Princess had just launched the U.S. Chapter of her Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation the day before. A former Olympic swimmer, her Foundation promotes water safety, sport, and education programs—especially for children. She married Prince Albert of Monaco four years ago and gave birth to twins Jacques and Gabriella eighteen months ago. Here’s what was on her mind:

How is it raising twins?
They are very similar, yet quite different. For now I am a full-time mom. We definitely have a different situation compared to normal folk.

Do they know they are royalty?
Oh, they already know that.

Why The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation?
I started it four years ago. Education through sport. I almost drowned when I was a child. My cousin drowned. You have to cover your pool. It’s also important to have the skill to save yourself and others. I drown-proofed the children at six months. The earlier the better.

Did anything in your childhood or your sports training prepare you for your life now?
Isolation. A focus on concentration, hard work, and working in silence.

I tried to ask a follow-up question or two after the Q&A ended and lunch began, but three large guards blocked me a foot or two from the Princess. One bent down to tell me that it was more polite to talk at the top of the meal. The salads were just being brought out, but he was too enormous to argue with.