What’s Happening?


I have a few blisters on my feet today from padding around Station to Station last night. The “happening,” which was artist Doug Aitken’s latest project drew scads of folks looking to check out the art in yurts (nomadic tents the art travelled from spot to spot in – in the moving art project) and check out performances by Beck (new stuff!), No Age, Dan Deacon, and Sun Araw & The Congos. Levi’s sponsored and there were artisans working on all sorts of items (I still couldn’t tell you if anything was for sale) and you shucked your shoes to walk in most of the otherworldly art installations. One installation (I think it was by Urs Fischer) I dubbed it “Disco Cereal”—sugar smelling fog inside an all white bedroom with a mirror ball hanging over it—made you feel like you were at the bottom of a bowl of Lucky Charms. The event was like a small, bohemian Disneyland with no food (hear tell of a yurt with food outside the place but I ended up inside Union Station for a Wetzels Pretzel along with some other like-minded people) and there was plenty to drink.

If you hit track 13 you could hop on a train full of other artistic goodies but when I got to the door they shut it down. My, my, my what an artistic temperament! Music outside, music inside…drums all over. I spotted LACMA’s Michael Govan checking out a musical performance in the courtyard and Jonathan Gold (LA Times restaurant critic) getting on the art train right before I was denied. At one point, I walked into the performance inside the station, only to see a line of people in the darkness, hands clasped and everyone was kind of pulsating. Right on. Next stop Oakland / San Fran.