Westime Opens Its Flagship Store In Sunset Plaza


I once spent a few hours of my life waiting on a friend who was watch shopping at one of Westime’s stores. Time ticked by (in Surround Sound) while he tried on every watch in the joint. He finally plunked down the same amount of cash I am about to invest in a new car. It was a beautiful watch, but I remember thinking at the time (and ever since) that is was lot of money for something that wasn’t going to buy him dinner and sleep with him. I changed my mind when I walked into Westime’s museum-like new digs on Sunset Blvd. for their opening party.

Wick Architecture & Design designed a store that resembles a sleek art gallery with watches displayed a la sculpture in cases upstairs and downstairs. The bash, hosted by Bentley and Haute Living magazine, had a most excellent male/female ratio that I waded through eating canapés by The Little Door while eyeballing the merch and the scene. There are ceramic Dior timepieces that have been hand polished for eight hours and one stunner upstairs with a case the thickness of two stacked York Peppermint Patties that costs just $10,000 shy of a mil. Sticker shock made me forget the designer. Next to it there was a painting by Marcello Pozzi being auctioned off—the proceeds going to The After-School All Stars charity.  I smiled when I saw the swank waiting rooms. It’s a gorgeous store with any ticker you desire. If you’ve got the money, they’ve got the time.