Virgo in the House: Alecia Moore, A.K.A. Pink, Turns Out for the No Kid Hungry Fundraising Dinner


Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign threw a fundraising dinner at Ron Burkle’s Green Acres to help the nearly 2.5 million children in Cali alone who struggle with hunger. The honorees? Alecia Moore (Pink), Chef Tom Colicchio, and filmmakers Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson (A Place at the Table).

“Ron opens up his house,” Jim Berk, CEO of Participant Media (the entertainment company behind the film) said of Yucaipa Companies Managing Partner Ron Burkle, “and it’s a fascinating evening because people come together and we have this gourmet food in a setting in which we’re talking about hunger. But it works because people are understanding the importance of food.” Berk was followed into the grand estate by other smiling supporters like Busy Phillips, who added, “The No Kid Hungry campaign makes sure that kids have a healthy meal at the start of their day, which impacts everything. Think about how angry you get when you are hungry. Imagine a five year old—imagine a six year old. It really affects everything.”

Last into the house was a gorgeously decked out Alecia Moore with hubby Carey Hart. “No Kid Hungry is incredible,” she told me. “A Place At The Table was really inspiring for us. We watched it while I was on tour. The most inspiring thing I’ve heard [Billy Shore, Founder and CEO of Share Our Strength] say is that this is a solvable problem. That really works for my Virgo brain because I’m a fixer. I need to fix everything and everyone and this is actually something that can be fixed.”

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