Tomorrow People

The Malibu Boys and Girls Club throws this summer’s first big bash

I know summer has truly begun when I find myself in Malibu every Saturday at someone’s luxe beach house and run into big wave surfer Laird Hamilton in the food line. He and his wife (beach volleyball player Gabrielle Reese) joined Universal Studios president Ron Meyer and his wife Kelly, Cindy Crawford and her hubby, Rande Gerber, and many others for a Malibu Boys and Girls Club benefit. The BBQ was held on the front lawn of producer Mike Fleiss’s cliffside pad (it used to be Brad and Jen’s place, so I seem to be on a nostalgia tour of their old homes) and consisted of plenty of fellas in rasta caps and plaid shirts. Partygoers gathered around seaside fires for dinner and a silent auction, followed by a live one (yacht trips always bring in the most money at these things). The biggest money-maker, however, was a private roundtrip jet ride to Vegas.

The cause is a good one. The Boys and Girls Club is a safe haven for teens, many of whom have parents who are substance abusers, have struggled with homelessness, or are looking for more stability in their lives. John and Nichole McGinley spoke (and picked up an award) before Ziggy Marley set up by the pool and played some tunes with Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, who happens to be Fleiss’s neighbor. I kept thinking someone was going to back up and fall into the pool, but it didn’t happen. D’Amore’s pizza set up their truck at the end of the drive so you could have a slice while you waited for your Range Rover or (in my case) Neon at the end of the bash.

    • Ron and Kelly Meyer

    • Stephen Hicks, Lani Hicks, Laura Rosenthal, and Malibu Mayor Walter Rosenthal

    • Mike Fleiss, Gabrielle Reece, and Laird Hamilton

    • Estel Day, Sheila Elardo, and Sharon Banken-Carpenter

    • Malibu Boys and Girls Club’s Kasey Earnest, “Youth of the Year” Makenzie Kizis, and Malibu Boys and Girls Club Board President Brian Strange

    • John Hildebrand, Debbie Frank, and Madison Hildebrand

Photographs by Kevin Parry