This Woman’s Outfit Might Have Upstaged the Art at MOCA’s Annual Gala

There’s more to Ana Prvacki’s ensemble than meets the eye

This past Saturday saw the return of MOCA’s annual Gala, which each year honors a renowned artist (this year is was Ed Ruscha). And while the evening is, of course, all about art, it’s impossible to ignore the scores of superchic guests who show up for a night of superchic elbow rubbing. Attendees showed up to the bash in droves sporting innovative and creative outfits, but our best dressed award goes to L.A.-based artist Ana Prvacki, who chose to wear the sartorial equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Her white Jil Sander dress from MaMeg sported two extra large pockets; the gold WHF boots were roomy enough to harbor a tube of Armani lipstick (she opted to skip a clutch); Her feather cape by Sarah Bromell acted as both a way to stay warm and a way to tip her hat: the stole bore the colors of the French and American flags, the former honoring MOCA Director Philippe Vergne and the latter a nod to the Serbian-born Prvacki becoming a U.S. citizen in June.


Photograph by Sonia Aram

Prvacki’s work draws on daily practices and social research and is shown all over the world. Her husband, Sam Durant, is also an artist: His work Proposal #2 for Monument at Altamont Raceway is currently part of the exhibit Don’t Look Back: The 1990s at MOCA, on view until July 11. The exhibition also features Catherine Opie, Paul McCarthy, and more.