The End of Watch Premiere

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena hit the red carpet for their gritty LAPD flick


“Arnold! Arnold! Arnold this way!!” the photogs along the carpet hollered at the prem of END OF WATCH when the former Gov hopped out of his SUV. One could almost forget HousekeeperGate. Almost. Councilman Eric Garcetti joined him in a pose or two, (he has a small speaking role in the film), with shoes that needed a little brush up. I kept staring at them. America Ferrera, 50 Cent, Anna Kendrick, Michael Pena and Jake G all followed suit before ducking into Regal LA Live Theaters for the show. It’s a compelling LAPD South Central story but the real story is the relationship between the two cops (played by Gyllenhaal and Pena), only one of whom (Pena) hit the afterparty across the street at the Ritz-Carlton’s WP24. I had to smile, there was a small Napoleon Dynamite reunion as I looked across the crowded restaurant and spotted Pedro and Lafawnduh chatting with one another (aka Efren Ramirez and Shondrella Avery). Who else did I spy? My favorite party hearty/True Blood werewolf – Joe Manganiello. Nice job, Open Road Films. Two interesting movies (still recommending your last flick – Hit & Run).




    • Jake Gyllenhall and Michael Pena

    • The Seen

      Natalie Martinez and America Ferrera

    • Councilman Eric Garcetti, writer-director David Ayer and Ah-nold

    • Swimmer Conor Dwyer and 50 Cent

    • Joe Manganiello and Anna Kendrick

Photographs by Eric Charbonneau / Le Studio