The Carousel of Hope

George Clooney is honored at Barbara Davis’s bi-annual juvenile diabetes fund-raiser

“I’m uncomfortable with ‘hands touching hands,’” George Clooney said to Neil Diamond as the singer coaxed him into warbling a few lines with him from “Sweet Caroline” at the Carousel of Hope Gala. Clooney finally agreed to belt out the “so good” section once he drained his glass of red wine, then took a few additional slugs from the bottle. The actor (who showed up with date Stacy Keibler) was honored at Barbara Davis’s bi-annual Carousel of Hope extravaganza. Davis’s event has raised over $80 million for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation over the last 35 years, an incredible feat in this town.

Jay Leno has been emceeing the to-do since its inception, and when Neil Diamond took to the stage to sing a long set, he joked, “When Barbara [Davis] proposes, she don’t get no no’ses.” Davis in turn joked about the singer. “He’s a great performer, and I sure do like his last name,” she said. Every time I attend this event, I find myself checking out Davis’s enormous diamond or pearl necklaces, which are pretty spectacular. Diamond took the opportunity to introduce his new wife,Katie McNeil, who is only about 30 years his junior. Not quite the Hollywood math of taking half the fella’s age and subtracting six, but close. Shirley MacLaine showed up to pinch-hit for Carl Reiner (who was ill but fine, Clooney said later), and introduced her pal George. “I was in the first Ocean’s movie,” she said, referring to Clooney’s Ocean’s Eleven flicks. “I was the drunk hooker falling off the car.” The party went into the wee hours, and the line for the goody bag had security.

Who else was at the Beverly Hilton bash? Sidney Poitier, Clive Davis, Jane Fonda, Julianne Hough, Quincy Jones, Joan Collins, Jerry Weintraub, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jay Leno, Smokey Robinson, Brad Grey, Berry Gordy, Carrie Ann Inaba, and all the fellas from KISS.

    • Barbara Davis, George Clooney, and Stacy Keibler

    • The Seen

      Neil Diamond and Katie McNeil

    • Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer

    • Joanna Shimkus, Sidney Poitier, and Stacy Keibler

    • Jay and Mavis Leno

    • Neil Diamond and George Clooney pre-duet

    • Shirley MacLaine, Richard Perry, and Jane Fonda

Photographs by Alex J. Berliner / ABImages
Video by Slate PR

Check out video of George singing here!