The Breakfast Conversation Series

Chatting about the role of faith and religion in film and popular culture

Every few months or so we (Los Angeles magazine) get influential folk together over breakfast meats and cups of joe to discuss different issues pertaining to Los Angeles. There have been lively discussions over the years featuring speakers like former LAUSD Sup Ramon Cortines and Law and Order creator Dick Wolf. The latest in the series found our EIC Mary Melton at Bev Hill’s Kate Mantilini moderating a panel with Actor/Writer/Producer/Kick-Ass Amazing Race contestant Mike White, Norman Lear Professor of Entertainment, Media, and Society at the USC Annenberg School Marty Kaplan, and Director, Center for Entertainment, Media and Culture at Pepperdine Craig Detweiler. White brought his dad (and Amazing Race partner) along on his birthday, no less, Rev. Mel White and, considering the topic, it was nice to see another collar in the crowd, Paulist Production’s Prez Rev. Eric Andrews. The chat spanned everything from The Shawshank Redemption to Twilight to the role spirituality plays in White’s HBO series Enlightened. Until next time …  

Photos courtesy Jim Donnelly