Stevie Wonder Goes Green

The legendary performer got a surprise at Global Green’s pre-Oscar bash last night

Singer Charlie Puth walked the green carpet on his way into Mr. C’s in Beverly Hill last night for Global Green’s annual pre-Oscar ‘do. The new L.A. resident stopped for a little eco-friendly talk, “I’m a new homeowner,” he told me, “I live in the Hollywood Hills and one of the selling points of this house was that it had solar panels which is really good.” Puth was the opening act for Stevie Wonder at the green do-gooder event.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth

Photograph by Getty Images for Global Green

Wonder and his sons followed on the crowded carpet but stopped to chat about the planet and going meatless, “I’ve been vegan for two years, it’s helped my already good-looking self,” Wonder joked (he did look great). “I think eating healthy is important. I also think we have to be about the perpetuation of this planet. We have to be about making our planet cleaner in urban areas, more sustainable for the children. And we can’t just talk about it, we gotta be about it.”

Wonder’s sons Kailand and Mandla stuck close and it seemed like they were busting to say something. I found out what when Wonder took the stage and they surprised their Dad with the Global Green Hero Award for being an “environmental leader.” Wonder was struck speechless for a moment before he said to them, “encourage the young people of your generation to value the planet everywhere they go.”