Silver Circle Gala

Sergio Mendes gets ‘em sambaing at The Venice Family Clinic

“If you can dance to this … go for it!” Mendes hollered before launching into a waltz/samba at the Beverly Hilton (hey, it’s hard!). Mendes packed the dance floor at The Venice Family Clinic fundraiser, which is a kick-off to the supa cool Venice Art Walk (May 19 – 20). Do-gooder docs work for nada at this place, the largest free clinic in the country, which is in our backyard. Ed Goren, Vice Chairman of Fox Sports Media Group, and Christine and Dr. Chester Griffiths (team doctor to the L.A. Kings) were honored for their support. Christine Griffiths remarked on her husband’s work at the clinic, “Any wife would be suspicious when her husband comes home late smiling and says he works for the poor and uninsured on Monday nights…for free.” Director Jon Turteltaub was also there to support his pal the doc. “Why me? Because Chris and Chester are lame and don’t know any famous people,” he said. Pat O’Brien hosted and told his “starfish” story again. Need new material, Pat! “When I got into trouble,” he said, “Ed [Goran] stuck by me.” It was great to see the whole room up and dancing, usually folks are far too cool to hit the floor. Mendes did a nice long set.

    • Pat O’Brien, Liz Forer, and Ed Goren

    • Marsha Temple and KCRW’s Warren Olney

    • The Seen

      Dan Kelley and Dr. Chester Griffiths

    • Christine Griffiths, Chester Griffiths, and Brooke Burns

    • John McGinley, Hutch Parker, and Nicole McGinley

Photographs by Alex J. Berliner, ABImages