Shameless Season Five: Debbie Gallagher aka Emma Kenney Chats About Debs Gone Bad

Did you see this week’s episode of Showtime’s <em>Shameless</em>? Little Debbie Gallagher is all grown up

The Gallaghers are back in the Showtime series Shameless about the toughest, most messed up yet how-can-ya-not-love-em Chicago family. You root for all the Gallaghers—okay—maybe not Frank, the drunk (in spite of a new liver) paterfamilias played by William H. Macy (he just won a SAG award on Sunday for the role).

You may root a little harder for responsible little Debbie “Debs” (played by Emma Kenney) the girl with the red hair, good heart, and business savvy who has done everything from collecting for UNICEF year-round (and keeping the money) to running a thriving daycare before she was thirteen. If you saw this week’s episode, you know who won the bet Debs and her brother Carl made about who would lose their virginity first. We caught up with the 15-year-old actress (with her real life mother standing nearby) at Showtime’s premiere party for Shameless, Episodes, and House of Lies to discuss the most responsible Gallagher.

So do you get to be bad this year?
Debbie is a bad girl this season. I am literally so excited about it. But this season you just really see Debbie rebel as she goes against all of her previous morals growing up as a kid. And now she’s a teenager and she’s in full-throttle teenager mode—which is really fun.

Oh no! Does that mean nude scenes like the rest of the cast?
No I’m a minor so I can’t do that but maybe there’s some ways around it and maybe there’s some kind of scene like that.

Well, on Sunday’s episode they got “around it” in a funny yet touching and very Gallagher-like way. We’re rooting for ya, Debs!

Shameless airs Sunday nights on Showtime.