The SEEN Grammy: Best Performance at a Charity Event

Jennifer Hudson gets this SEEN Queen’s vote for best performance at a fundraiser

All the Grammys have been handed out, and everyone is (most likely) still in bed. (Madonna was under the covers around 10ish when I heard her on Seacrest this morning and had no intention of getting up anytime soon.) But the Recording Academy needs to include one more category: Best Performance by an Artist at a Charity Event. There were some fabulous performances last year during which big name singer/songwriters donated their time to help charities raise money: Bruce Springsteen’s solo acoustic performance for the Shoah Foundation (where President Barack Obama was in the audience); Diana Ross getting everyone up to dance (and to welcome new Director Philippe Vergne) at the MOCA Gala; No Doubt killin’ it at City of Hope at the Pacific Design Center.

But I gotta give it to Jennifer Hudson for her performance at Barbara Davis’s Carousel of Hope Ball honoring Magic Johnson in October. Carousel is an event where it’s notoriously difficult to get partiers to stop yammering while the stellar talent is onstage. When Hudson took the stage at the Beverly Hilton, however, you didn’t hear anything but her rendition of “Hallelujah,” which also got some of the most jaded folks in L.A. to shed a tear. Before she went onstage, two people had gotten up to try and shush the crowd, once while Jay Leno was emceeing then again during another artist’s performance. All they needed to do was get Hudson up there. Even Kayne wouldn’t disagree with me on this one.