Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special and Will Ferrell’s Favorite Party

Last night’s <em>SNL</em> threw an enormous bash. One of the show’s alums remembers his first after-party … maybe

Did you watch Saturday Night Live’s big 40th Anniversary Special last night? Just about every cast member ever stopped by and there were enough celebs onstage to rival this Sunday’s Oscars. The SNL40 extravaganza reminded me of the last time I chatted with SNL alum Will Ferrell for our How to Throw The Perfect Party issue. I asked him to tell me about the best party he’d ever been to. His answer is below. Was he pulling my leg? You be the judge …


Will Ferrell: “The best party I’ve ever been to? You know. I can remember being really excited about my first after-party for Saturday Night Live. After every Saturday Night Live they’d have an after-party. And it was so exciting and thrilling to be on the show and then go to the glamorous after-party—until the bill came for all the drinks and food. Yeah. I quickly learned—Oh—you’ve got to pay for it all.”


Me: That’s not true


Will Ferrell: “Absolutely. 100%.”


Me: “You’re lying.”


Will Ferrell: “Yeah, you do. The year end party you don’t.”


Last night’s blowout in NY may have upped the ante on Ferrell’s cool ‘do list. I just hope if somebody got stuck with the tab for last night’s party—that they had deep pockets.