Role Playing: An Award Season Chit Chat Cheat Sheet

It’s awards season. Forget “Who are you wearing?” The real convo sparker is “You shoulda won for…”

Salma Hayek
As unibrowed artist Frida Kahlo in Frida, Hayek made it to the front row of the Academy Awards ceremony but not the stage.

Samuel L. Jackson
So many flicks, no hardware. Give this mutha an Oscar—or at least a Globe.

Jennifer Aniston
Critics laud her highlights, not her dark roles. Nothing shiny for Friends with Money.

Will Ferrell
may be his most quotable credit, but his performance in Stranger Than Fiction was the real deal.

Woody Harrelson
Portraying Hustler founder Larry Flynt got him inches away from an award, but alas, no money shot.