Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco Take Over L.A.

Just moments after announcing they were expecting twins, the royals hit the town

Last week, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco were in Los Angeles for the Princess Grace Awards Gala. It was Princess Charlene who suggested they hold the gala here in L.A. (after an absence of some 30 years), and I hope it becomes a new tradition. Although, I already hear next year it is going to be held at the palace in Monaco (note to self: get on that invite list).

The Royals honored Dick Van Dyke at a beautiful ‘do at the Bev Wilshire. The night before the gala, Linda and Jerry Bruckheimer threw the couple a welcome party at Greystone Mansion. Wolfgang Puck catered the affair which featured a caviar bar (nice touch) that contained NO onions. When a sous chef brought them out, a thoughtful Puck sent him back to the kitchen. “No onions! No smelly breath!” he said. A few hours before attending the event, Albert and Charlene announced that she was expecting twins at the end of the year. Congrats! They were given an impromptu shower and wee Hollywood t-shirts. Who popped by the Bruckheimer’s bash? Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Cicely Tyson, Jon Voight, Cuba Gooding Jr., Taylor Lautner, Brad Paisley, and January Jones, among others.

The next night was the main event. The Princess Grace Foundation-USA has been giving scholarships and grants to talented dancers, actors, writers and musicians for 32 years. When the royal couple walked into the Bev Wilshire (after someone turned out all the lights) there was a hush—I have never heard a room with that many people in it get so quiet. Christian Dior Couture was the big, fancy sponsor and Conan O’Brien presented Dick Van Dyke with the Prince Rainier III Award. “It has long been my policy to never present awards, because as a comedian I deeply resent the success of others,” O’Brien joked, “but for one man I make an exception.” Van Dyke  then took the stage (dancing, I might add). A good chunk of change also goes to Van Dyke’s charity of choice—The Midnight Mission.

Other Hitchcock blondes were in attendance—Tippi Hedren and Eva Marie Saint—along with notables like the evening’s gala chairs Bob Iger and Willow Bay and their fellow chairs Dick and Noelle Wolf, Geena Davis, Adam Shankman, and Jane Lynch. And they must party late in Monaco because the event went into the night and ended with a terrific performance by The Tenors, who serenaded the Princess. See you again soon Albert and Charlene—a party girl can hope.