Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix Get Cute at the Premiere of Woody Allen’s Irrational Man

Welcome to the jungle, Parker Posey

“This just felt like Beverly Hills to me,” NY-based Parker Posey said about her Altuzarra leopard print dress at last night’s Irrational Man prem. “It felt like California—leopard print, animal prints—so it felt right.” I couldn’t argue with her—I was wearing leopard print, too. Posey plays a professor in the Woody Allen film and joined castmates Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix for the film’s debut at the Writers Guild Theatre last night. Writer/Director Woody Allen didn’t show. “Woody Allen and his producer Letty Aronson aren’t here because they’re working on the movie we pray we can introduce next time,” Sony Pictures Classics co-prez Michael Barker said. (In case you’re wondering, Barker and co. have released Allen’s last six films.)

When Barker introduced Emma Stone before the lights went down, castmate Joaquin Phoenix stood instead, issuing a royal wave. Stone did the same when Phoenix’s name was called. Confusing, but cute. After a little academia and intrigue (Phoenix plays a teacher in the film; Stone plays his student), everyone made their way to Hakkasan for duck egg rolls and movie-inspired cocktails. Irrational Man opens on July 17th.