Partying with Pink and Carey Hart

What’s the singer’s idea of a good time? It might not be what you’d think…

Everyone has been hitting the holiday parties this month and gearing up for New Year’s Eve bashes all over town tomorrow. Famous marrieds Pink (Alecia Moore) and husband Carey Hart posted a sweet snap from their Christmas party last week on Instagram. It seemed more subdued than the parties Hart described the last time I ran into the couple, when I asked them to name the best party they had ever attended (after all, our cover story on how to throw the perfect bash was about to hit newsstands).

Hart told me this: “Probably our house parties. We threw some pretty amazing house parties back in our heyday. There was debauchery—just tons of alcohol and fights and chaos.”

Later I ran into his wife who told me this: “My own. I’m a good party planner. I can’t work on a budget though. But the best parties are creative. We did a Father’s Day camp out where everybody brought tents and we camped out and barbecued and did crafts for the kids, and it was just really fun. That’s my kind of a good time. Ten years ago maybe not, right now that’s where I’m at.”