Party Shot: Johnny Depp and UTA Host a Screening of Paul Bettany’s Shelter

Robert Downey Jr. hosted a screening last month—with friends like these, who needs publicists?

L.A.’s social scene is one fantastic blur. Let’s stop a moment and check out one of my favorite shots of the week:

Who: Johnny Depp, Jennifer Connelly, and Paul Bettany

What: Depp and UTA co-hosted a screening of Bettany’s film Shelterwhich hits theaters this Friday. Robert Downey Jr. hosted a screening of the film in October.

Where: UTA in Beverly Hills

Why: To get the word out about Bettany’s directorial debut, which just so happens to star his wife Jennifer Connelly. (Oh, and Anthony Mackie.)

Wow: Depp introduced Bettany, who talked about the ways in which a couple living outside of his and Connelly’s apartment moved him to make a love story about two homeless people in New York City.