Party At Nordstrom


I am not easily impressed. This Seen Queen has been covering fetes in this town a loooooong time—from mansion ‘dos with water ballet being performed in the fountains to a Chanel fashion show where the models decamped from a jet (after it stopped moving) onto a catwalk (that was moving). But the Nordstrom Americana at Brand store opening in Glendale was sweet and very well done. Observe…


1.     Happy Humans. There were more well-dressed people welcoming you to the party than the Palm Springs Film Festival (the most touchy-feely red carpet ever—in a good way). By the time you got to the door, you knew a lot of people were VERY happy to see you.

2.     Live mannequins. Models on white pedestals held poses in each department (on three floors) in great merch from TOPSHOP to Burberry. When they would switch departments, the sashaying model gaggle was worth a giggle.

3.     Get Command Performance to cater. Food in the young men’s section. Nibbles by the jewelry. Tins of baked lasagna and risotto in teens. All on white pushcarts covered with twinkly lights. Trolleys with basil lemonade vodkas and other libations were also a nice touch. The food was color coordinated. And there were parfaits. Everybody loves parfaits.

4.     Have some notables stop by. Nicole Richie played host along other stylish folks. Rick Caruso (Caruso Affiliated, developer) was there with his family and I spotted Dr. Drew chatting people up in the perfume section. The Nordstroms were also in attendance—Blake, Erik, Pete and Jamie Nordstrom.

5.     Make it all benefit a good cause and give the ladies flowers on the way out. Ticket sales benefitted two charities: Glendale’s Ascencia and Hillsides in Pasadena. I smiled at a priest on the way out the door before another happy human handed me (and everyone else) a big bouquet of white Gerber daisies.  Nice.


Photographs by Donato Sardella / Wireimage